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Oh that Kid! (*wacky sitcom laughtrack plays*)

Episode 9 Summary:

Kaito pulls off a heist while disguised as Aoko, and unbeknownst to him, gets a photo taken while he’s in disguise.  This causes a shady gang run by a man named Gouzu to think that Aoko is Kaito Kid, with Inspector Nakamori as the mastermind behind it all.  Thus, they send the real Aoko a private dinner invitation for two to Tohto Tower.  Surprisingly, Aoko invites Akako instead of Kaito to come along, but Akako warns Kaito that something suspicious is going down.

That’s actually a pretty cute hairpin.

Kaito nonetheless shows up disguised as Nakamori, and he and Aoko go into the Tower together.  As he feared, it all turns out to be a trap, put together by Gouzu and his gang who got screwed over by his parents 18 years previous.

We then get a brief flashback to 18 years ago, where Kaito’s mother, Chikage, was a thief known as the Phantom Lady.  Chikage (as the Phantom Lady) was stealing jewels on demand for Gouzu so that his gang could sell replica pieces at inflated prices.  But Toichi intervenes in a trap set for the Phantom Lady, rescuing Chikage from the trap and her life as a thief in the process.

Nearly falling to their deaths from the Eiffel Tower is apparently the pinnacle of romance.

The episode ends with Kaito (back in present day) wondering what to do next.

Night scenes in Magic Kaito are oh so pretty.

My Opinion:

I’ll repeat what other people have already said: Damn, Chikage is badass!  I like that the intro to this episode makes it seem like Chikage and Toichi met under normal, romantic circumstances; but no, they met and fell in love as they were falling from the Eiffel Tower.  A bit over-the-top but I guess the parents of the new Kaito Kid wouldn’t have it any other way.

Apparently this episode finally adapts one of the more recent manga chapters that haven’t been adapted before.  I think they did a pretty good job.  At first, I thought that Akako’s inclusion in the episode was a bit pointless, but it was important that she was there because it forced Kaito to don the Nakamori disguise, which was fortunately who the shady gang was targeting.  So I guess Kaito’s identity is still safe for now, though what that means for Aoko’s safety has yet to be addressed…

As much as I liked the romance between Toichi and Chikage, MAN TOICHI, YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN.  I mean, it’s fitting that they fell in love so quickly but it was almost ridiculously quick.  Plus this was 18 years ago, and Kaito’s 17—factoring in the time it takes for a baby to be born, it seems like Kaito was conceived probably right on the night that Toichi and Chikage first met.  Uhhhhh…  Also, this episode seems to imply that Toichi became a thief so he could have Chikage fall under the radar and finally live a normal life, but I hope that isn’t the sole reason because that just causes me to let out a bigger “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

Anyway, this was a fun episode to watch, and we actually get to see Kaito’s mom and dad in action which is pretty cool.  So, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Episode 10 Summary:

At least Kaito resists the urge to kiss a girl when she’s unconscious.

Kaito (as the Kid) manages to safely escape with Aoko, while capturing Gouzu and his gang for the police.  However, Chikage reveals that Gouzu had some apprentices, so Kaito decides to also catch them for the police in order to clear his mother’s name.

The Kid sends out a message that he’s going to be returning some stolen goods, putting the police in high defense to capture Kid should he actually show up.  Kaito disguises himself as a police officer to scout out the museum where he has stated that he would return the goods.  He ends up running into Conan, who is also there to see if the Kid would show up.

I love that it’s already established that Kaito and Conan are rivals.

Having finished inspecting the museum, Kaito sends another notice, this time declaring that he’ll return the goods at eight o’ clock the next day.  The episode ends with Kaito preparing for his reverse heist.

Pictured here: Conan having an epic staredown with the sky.

My Opinion:

Barring the beginning sequence, this episode had a bit less action as it’s an episode meant to bridge the gap between the previous episode and the next.  Instead, we get to see how Kaito prepares for his heists (or in this case, reverse-heist) and we also get a bit of a surprise: Conan finally shows up in this episode!

I’m pretty familiar with the Detective Conan (manga) series, so I sort of knew that Conan would eventually make his way into this series too, as he and the Kid are fierce rivals.  However, I have to wonder how people unfamiliar with Detective Conan reacted to Conan’s appearance.  Someone already said it elsewhere, but not being able to hear Conan’s inner monologue really just takes away from his “genus detective stuck in a kid’s body” thing.  So instead of seeming like a genus detective, Conan just looks like a really bizarre kid, running around and glaring angrily at things.  Apparently this three-parter story is based on one of the episodes in the DC universe, so we’re actually seeing things from Kaito’s side now; which I think is pretty neat.

Overall, I thought this was an intriguing episode even if it was a lot less action-y than previous eps.  Conan sadly stole most of the show, as I’m sure a lot of people were expecting him to finally show up.  But seeing how Kaito actually prepares for his heists was pretty neat too.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

You got that right.