I will never get tired of seeing Kaito Kid’s fans in-universe.


The night of Kaito Kid’s reverse heist finally arrives, and Kaito must now navigate between the Inspector and his police force and a pesky kid-detective named Conan.  Although the Kid claims that he’s returning some stolen items, his real goal is to reveal the museum director and appraiser for the frauds they really are.

Smooth, Kaito. Real smooth.

I just have to laugh at the fact that the Inspector is conversing with what looks to be a GRADE-SCHOOL KID for advice.

Through some grand feat of trickery, Kaito Kid “returns” the forgeries back to the two crooks.  Conan, who had already figured his plot beforehand, and even who the Kid was disguised as, decides to let this particular heist slide.  Having finally avenged his mother and cleared her name, Kaito leaves to let Inspector Nakamori do the rest of this “clean-up.”

Kaito Kid confirmed for chuunibyou.

I know Conan’s short but the dissonance between his size and the way he talks is actually pretty hilarious.

My Opinion:

My summary does not do this episode justice.  Seriously, just watch this episode yourself.  It was such a great watch.

Having read quite a bit of the Detective Conan manga, and having read most of Magic Kaito, I’ve always really loved the interactions between Kaito and Conan.  They’re basically two sides of the same coin: they are both genius teenagers, but one uses his smarts to steal (for a good cause) while the other uses his smarts to solve mysteries.  Both Kaito and Conan also have access to a wide variety of cool gadgets, so unlike Kaito’s rivalry with Hakuba, Kaito and Conan are much more of an even match.

As much as I like Conan’s cameo here, I hope that Conan doesn’t make too many appearances in the future.  First of all, Conan already has his own, very long-running show; and this is supposed to be KAITO’S anime.  I don’t want Conan to steal too much of the spotlight.  Also, even though I don’t like Hakuba much, I’m a little annoyed that he just suddenly vanished in this series.  He’s supposed to be in the same class as Kaito!  I know it’s hard to beat Conan as the Kid’s rival, but seeing Hakuba just get dropped like that feels like a severe plot hole.  I hope the anime brings him back, if only for consistency’s sake.  (I’m just going to pretend Hakuba is on extended leave back in England or something so that I don’t get too worked up over this forgotten plot point.)

Barring my ramblings, this was a really good episode.  Well, technically this episode already “happened” in Conan’s series, but I’m glad that Kaito’s version of the events still manages to be interesting.  It’s going to be hard for future episodes to top that three-parter, but I’m still quite excited to see where the Magic Kaito series goes next.

Out of five:

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