Hi everyone! Apologies for my extended leave of absence. I started a new job and haven’t had much time for anything else, so you won’t be seeing as much activity from me this season. However, today I bring you the first episode of Absolute Duo!

It begins, dark and damp – wait what

We begin the episode with a preview of what is to come – a face off between our main male and female lead, before we jump to the opening.

Gotta admit, despite the intro not making a lick of sense, the opening song certainly caught my interest. From then on, what caught me further was the gorgeous scenery porn, great animation and what looks to be a fairly higher end budget anime.

The anime has a somewhat generic feel in the fact that it’s a highschool series, so we get the usual cliche’s – the muscle geek, the glasses cool dude, the silent beauty and the busty idiot. Outside of those factors, however, the show begins with a bang when instantly, the President of the academy (who seems to have a sinister edge to give her a bit of a different from the standard loli characters we see nowadays) and the students are instantly asked to battle one another in order to make it into the academy.

I’m not sure what to make of this, but it interests me quite a bit.

Dat scenery

The main male lead refuses to fight his new friend, but eventually does, and unlike the other students (who all summon a weapon from their Blaze – aka soul power), Thor summons a shield instead. He seems to have some extra abilities, however, that only a protag would have, which captures the attention of our silver haired beauty, Julie.

Julie is a duel sword wielder. Love it.

And Thor (I am not getting over that name anytime soon) has a shield.

One thing I did appreciate in a show like this is that we have some international residence (in that Julie is Scandinavian), although whether the albino-ism was needed remains to be seen.

The homeroom teacher is a peppy bunny maid who seems to get her point across aside from being rather insane. And thus, the main pair a stuck together in a room to live together. We get a glimpse of what looks like the other’s personalities of the class briefly, and I’m interested to see what other characters we get to see more of.

Yeah I would be the same.

The yaoi fangirls begin to scream.

Regardless, this anime has caught my attention greatly from being interesting, great animation and gosh, that scenery porn.

I don’t know if this series will be the one I blog, but it’s high on the list of possibilities!

How cute.