If you came here for the singing, I’m sorry to say that there wasn’t much this episode.


A girl named Uzuki has been training to become an idol for years, as that is her dream.  She’s auditioned for the Cinderella Girls group but was not choosen.  One day, a production manager drops by her training place and tells her that she’s been reconsidered, and asks her to become an idol.  Uzuki is escatic, but before she can join the group proper, Mr. Production Agent needs to find two more girls to join.

Uzuki seems to be shaping up to be our main character for this anime, even though she’s just one of many girls in the game.

The rest of the episode follows Mr. Production Agent as he tries to scout a somewhat aloof girl named Rin, who continues to state that she is not interested.  Secretly, Rin is just unmotivated in life, having no sense of a goal.  After meeting with Uzuki, Rin decides to give the idol job a shot.

Rin is like that cool older sister trope personified.

My Opinion:

This anime is based off of a mobile game, that is itself a spin-off of the insanely popular Idolmaster franchise.  In the game, you play as a production manager to recruit and train girls to become famous idols.  The game itself has 200 characters.  Obviously, only a handful will make it into the anime.  Uzuki and Rin, the girls that have been introduced so far, are two of the girls you can recruit in-game.

What can I say about this first episode though?  Well… It was fortunately not as bad as I was expecting.  If you’ve been a long time reader of Moeronpan, you can probably guess that Moeronpan and I aren’t very fond of idols in anime.  And, to be honest, that this anime compares being an idol to being like a Cinderella story made me groan loudly.  Apart from those things, though; this anime doesn’t seem too bad (yet).

There’s no singing yet apart from the OP and ED, so I can’t say anything about that.  However, the animation for this series is absolutely top-notch.  Which isn’t that surprising given how big a juggernaut the Idolmaster franchise is in Japan.  The backgrounds are absolutely stunning, and even the smallest of details when the characters move are animated beautifully.  However, good animation alone isn’t enough to make an anime a masterpiece.

Story-wise, this seems like a pretty typical idol story set-up.  You have a manager recruiting some girls, and then there will ultimately be some team drama and rival idol teams.  That’s not a bad thing, but it is really painfully old hat.  The characters so far are okay.  Uzuki is kind of the generic cheery girl, but I do like Rin and the production agent guy.  Mr. Production Agent is actually a very serious, awkard guy.  Rin is also a very serious character but she also seems to have some hidden depths to her.

Overall, this was an average first episode.  Being an idol anime, it starts out very slowly.  The animation is top notch, though there’s not too much singing yet.  I’ve never been fond of anime solely about idols, but I could see myself watching this series just for its lovely visuals.

Out of five:

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I just thought this scene was really cute.