Defintely not to be confused with that other Fafner anime that’s airing this season.

You see this intro and you think “Oh it can’t be that bad!” And then a minute after that the main male lead walks on the female lead bathing naked, because it IS THAT BAD.


Twenty-five years ago a bunch of monsters called “dragons” attacked the earth.  Ever since that day, people (mostly girls) have been born with the power of dragons inside them.  These people are called “D”.  Yuu is, to date, the only male “D” to exist; and he is transferred into a private school (located on a remote island) where they train these “D” to fight dragons.

At least… the backgrounds are nice…?

Upon coming the school, he meets Iris, the airhead who can’t control her powers.  He also meets with his younger sister, who is (obviously) also a “D”.  Most of the girls are angered at his arrival, because his is the only male student to set foot in the school.  And, unlike Yuu who uses his powers to materialize physical weapons like guns; the students at this school use their powers to literally fight with magic.

The headmaster explains to Yuu in secret that this school is also meant to be some kind of protected area for the “D”s, as a “D” coming into contact with a dragon that resonates with them will turn them into a dragon also.  As the school day ends, Yuu walks home with Iris, who had done badly in training that day.  As the night falls, the dragon alarm goes off, and Iris winces in pain.  It appears that Iris’s dragon has arrived…

I have never seen a more boring action scene in an anime before, holy cow.

My Opinion:

Hmm, now why does the premise for this series sound so familiar?  Oh wait, because it’s been done before.  This series is playing out almost exactly like Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance’s first episode.  Generic looking main male lead?  Check!  Annoying inept female lead?  Check!  An all girl’s school?  Check!  Main male lead being the only “x” user who is male?  CHECK, CHECK, AND CHECK.  Both series even have the same awful exposition dumps!  What gives?!  And that’s when I found out that Juuou Mujin no Fafnir is based on a light novel.  Because of course it is.

What is it with light novels and their obsession with introducing the male and female lead via the male lead accidentally dropping in on the female lead bathing naked or something???  This happens so often in anime that it’s become an awful cliché at this point, but what’s worse is that it keeps happening despite that.  Is there seriously no other way for the male and female lead to meet each other?  I know I was complaining about the “girls falling from the sky” trope a few years back, but I would take that any day (ANY DAY) over this terrible and eye-rolling trope.

The plot of Juuou Mujin no Fafnir is playing out exactly like Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, except with dragons instead of spirits and a sci-fi setting instead of an old-timey fantasy one.  It seriously sounds like someone took the plot of Blade Dance (which was already pretty generic) and just swapped and tweaked a few elements.  The “D’s will become dragons” bit is rather new, but other than that this episode was just so dull because of how generic it is.  At least Yuu is a much better protag than Kamito is, if only because Yuu isn’t a giant creep.

They also had to sneak in an awful innuendo-y scene.  When Yuu and Iris are partnered up to do exercises, the angle and the noises that Iris make sound like… well, it sounds like they’re having sex to be perfectly blunt.  Classy.  Also, when the girls fight using their powers, there’s this really pointless “transformation” when they bring out their weapons.  I hesitate to even call it a transformation, because their clothes/appearance don’t even change.  The only purpose of this is to (I’m not making this up) make their clothes transparent so you can see their naked body underneath.  …Classy.

Overall, generic anime is generic.  There’s generic plot, generic characters, and the action scenes are dull.  The backgrounds are actually pretty nicely detailed, which is a damn shame because the characters themselves look so uninteresting.  Also, I am sensing a badly forced love triangle between Yuu, Iris, and Yuu’s sister, because of fucking course they would pull that incest bullshit in this anime.

Out of five:

precure heart2

Because at least Yuu is a slightly better protag (so far) than Kamito was.

He still looks generic as hell though.