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Our main character, Moroha, is drafted into a special school because he has inherited memories from his past life.  On the first day of this school, Moroha meets with a pink-haired girl named Ranjou, who was his sister in a past life.  Moroha also meets with another girl, who claims to have been his lover in another past life.

Am I the only one annoyed at how little sense Ranjou’s hair makes?

By using their memories of the past life, the students at this school are able to utilize magic, and also bring out the weapon that their past life used.  Ranjou gets angry at a bully during physical training for being arrogant, and they both duke it out with their respective weapons.  (A sword for Ranjou and an axe for the bully.)  Unfortunately, the bully is a more experienced fighter, and so defeats and humiliates Ranjou in the process.

Truly the most dire of conflicts.

After school, Moroha attempts to cheer Ranjou up.  After accomplishing this, he goes back to the school in order to challenge the bully to a fight.  Ranjou hears of the news and rushes to the scene, witnessing Moroha get severely beaten up.  However, just as things seem dire, Moroha is able to finally regain memories of his previous incarnation, and draws out his weapon: the holy sword.

My Opinion:

Before I had watched this series, I read up on some reviews and this series was pretty much universally panned.  So I was really dreading watching the first episode.  But, (and I can’t believe I’m saying this), but this series isn’t THAT bad.  Granted, it’s still pretty bad, but it’s not completely unwatchable.

Even though all the lore was pretty much just barfed on us in an unwieldy info-dump, the general premise of this show does sound rather interesting.  Remembering past lives and using it to create magic, based on what your past life did!  That sounds like an actual neat concept.  Sadly the execution of the whole thing is lacking; because instead we just get dumb school and fanservice shenanigans.

Moroha is an okay guy, albeit kind of bland.  But Ranjou and Urushibara are just not great characters.  Ranjou is loud and obnoxious, AND also comes with the bonus of having a brother complex.  Yes, her past life was as Moroha’s sister in a past life.  And yes, she’s in love with him despite this.  Yes, I know they’re not related NOW, but that fact is still kind of squicky.  And Urushibara’s sole trait so far is basically “I HAVE BIG BOOBS.”

The (attempted) comedy in this series isn’t that great, especially the bickering between Ranjou and Urushibara.  A flat-chested girl getting mad at a girl with a big chest is the height of comedy gold, apparently.  I did actually laugh at one scene, though.  It’s the scene where Ranjou asks Moroha if he invited Urushibara along to the diner.  Moroha’s response is to shake his head so fast, it’s a blur; and he blurts out something basically unintelligible.  That scene was so dumb that I laughed.

Yes, there is fanservice here, but it was honestly not as bad as I was expecting.  We mostly get some near nudity from Ranjou and some boob bouncing/squishing from Urushibara.  It’s… actually rather tame compared to other (worse) anime.  It’s still eye-rolling, to be sure, but at least the action seems to take priority in this series (somewhat) over the fanservice.

Overall, this series is basically so average it’s average.  Yes, it does have some possibly interesting ideas, but it gets bogged down by dumb and clichéd fanservice and boring characters.  The animation even reached some pretty bad levels, and this is just the first episode!  It’s sad, because if the series took itself more seriously and stopped trying to pander to the lowest denominator, then maybe we wouldn’t have such a generic anime.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Of course the most important scene happens DURING THE CREDITS.

Anyway, that was the last of my First Impressions for this season. I already have a series in mind, though I’m going to wait on Moeronpan’s opinion before I do anything.