I think the first thing that comes to mind after watching this episode is – history fans will be bashing their heads into walls.

Seriously Japan, not ALL foreigners have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Seriously Japan, not ALL foreigners have blonde hair and blue eyes.

We begin with a short introduction of the war between France and England in the middle ages, the sight of the knights in action, and then the view of a young woman with what looks like a giant tuning fork.

At first, it seems to be an anime that sticks to the history, you know, other than scantily clad woman who wouldn’t be seen anywhere in that era. But alas, we have our basic normal family with a young girl and mother seeking medicine for their grandmother, and the usual gossip of witches being condemned beings by the Roman Catholic Church. The woman looks old – until, the cover is blown, and we are revealed with a blonde beauty named Maria with her servant, a succubus named Artemis who can turn into an owl like creature, officially ruining the trick.



We all know where this is going don't we?

We all know where this is going don’t we?

We don’t get a lot of real character development in this episode. If anything, the episode felt pretty empty even if a lot happened. We see that there is a ‘clan’ of witches, each with a succubus servant of their own. We meet a boy named Joseph who, along with the father, goes off to fight in the war. It’s kind of predictable what happens next – the fight begins, France looks about to lose, and Maria shows up to save the day.

srsly woman back then would be SHOT for wearing outfits like that, really.

srsly woman back then would be burnt at the stake for wearing outfits like that, really.

Suuuure okay we'll listen to you--

Suuuure okay we’ll listen to you–



P-point made.

P-point made.

Despite it’s obvious flaws and rather generic storyline of your innocent virginal main heroine, an obvious love interest and a few sassy characters, it has pretty decent animation, great scenery porn, and at least the ‘normal’ characters are fairly historically accurate, as is the landscape. It’s not a bad series, but it’s not a good series in the sense it didn’t hold my attention, and it didn’t leave me begging for more, or for finding out how it continues. If anything, it leaves me with wanting to just read the wiki article on it and toss it into the pile of ‘anime’s I tried and never watched again’.

But hey, at least there was some good scenery porn.
Out of 5,