Moeronpan and I have decided to do a joint review of this series like we did for the Dangan Ronpa anime.  I’ll be doing even-numbered episodes while Moeronpan will be doing the odd-numbered ones.

Yeah guys, what kind of magical boys are you?


The student council gathers to have a meeting with their dark overlord Lord Zundar, who takes the form of a green hedgehog and is literally from Planet Evil.  They are all worried about the five new magical boys that have suddenly appeared, and cannot discern the identities of the five due to a weird magical filter.  Nonetheless, these five are in opposition to their plan, so Lord Zundar commands the student council to eliminate them.

Behold the majesty of Lord Zundar.

Meanwhile, Yumoto and co. have a meeting of their own with Mr. Wombat.  The wombat explains more to the boys about their powers and task as the defenders of the earth.  The boys are all pretty reluctant to continue being magical boys, but eventually decide to just go along with it.  Which is good because a new monster-of-the-week has just appeared at the school.

I find it super rad that the evil student council gets their own transformation sequence.

This time, the student council members have turned a student who hates things that can’t divide evenly into a monster… composed of chopsticks.  Yumoto and the others have a bit of a harder time with this monster, but are still able to defeat it in the end.  Afterwards, they once again relax at Yumoto’s bath house, while the student council members muse over how to destroy them.

Yumoto is the master of rousing speeches I guess.

My Opinion:

I’ll admit; I feel like this was a much weaker episode than episode 1, which was already a bit weak to begin with.  I know that the second episode in anime is reserved for exposition, but the way they handled it here was just boring.  The first half of this episode (and then some) was just… lots and lots of talking.  That in itself isn’t too bad, but it was just so… uninteresting.  It was basically Wombat explaining stuff, and oh, the teacher’s actually dead too.  But it was punctuated with a lot of random conversations by the boys, and it’s pretty obvious that the boys’ conversations are meant to be funny.  I didn’t find any of that too funny, which was what made it all the more painful to watch.

Things got a lot better after the monster-of-the-week was introduced.  Like that last one, it is also ridiculous.  It is also a bit more of a threat, as it just blasted Ryuu through the school cafeteria wall.  I do kind of wish that the battle had lasted a bit longer, because it felt like they defeated the monster too easily after how much it wrecked them beforehand.  I also feel like Yumoto is hogging too much of the spotlight so far.  It’s a given since he’s the closest we have to a designated main character, but I do hope the other boys get some more screentime too.  This series is only going to be 12 episodes long, so it’s not like that have much time to waste.

Overall, this was a so-so episode.  Not as enjoyable as the first one, but the writing (when it’s good) is actually rather clever and a pretty good parody of magical girl tropes.  The boys are still kind of one-note so far but that will probably change.  The ending theme finally played this episode and it seems to heavily focus on the student council members, which is interesting.

Anyway, out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Although Yumoto’s pretty great, I think En might end up becoming my favorite.