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New OP whooooooo

Episode 13 Summary:

Kaito’s class goes on a winter field trip to a ski resort.  The teacher proposes a “masquerade skiing competition” with couples.  Aoko feels that she is a bad skier and doesn’t want to bog Kaito down, so she lets Akako (a much better skier) be Kaito’s partner—but unbeknownst to her, Kaito only has one person in mind to be his partner.

Let’s just say Akako isn’t very nice this episode.

Man, I don’t even know.

Akako attempts to put another love spell on Kaito, but it is ineffective.  When it comes time for the competition, Kaito pulls a quick switcharoo so that he and Aoko can ski together.

This scene was just so cute.

My Opinion:

New OP *and* ED!  I’m surprised!  Usually we only get a new OP (if even that), but A-1 Pictures went the extra mile and put out a new ED too.  The new OP is much darker than the old one; and personally, I did prefer the old one better.  The old one was more up-beat and whimsical, whereas this new OP is very dark and somber.  I guess it’s fitting since the series is probably going to get a lot more serious from here on out, but I still prefer the happier mood of the first OP.  I do like the new ED theme better than the previous one, though.

New OP and ED aside, the animation for this episode was pretty bad.  Not super noticeable, but I could tell they were taking a lot of animating short-cuts.  (I.E. lots of talking over almost still shots)  This is probably due to the reveal of a new OP and ED theme, so hopefully things get better next episode.  Fortunately, this is sort of a “filler” episode anyway, although this particular story was also in the manga.  But as there are no heists in this episode, it’s understandable why A-1 Pictures would rather put their resources towards other episodes.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not really fond of this particular manga chapter.  I mean, I guess it’s cute, and gives a lot of character development to Aoko and Akako.  But it’s just so… dull.  Romantic shenanigans is something I get fed up with really easily.  And the fact that the romantic shenanigans took up an ENTIRE EPISODE was just sort of painful to watch.  The latter half of the episode—the ski competition—was also just really “WTF” and sort of… out of character for the entire series.  Also, Kaito; dressing up as your alter-ego, really?  Now you’re just tempting fate.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this episode too much, but at least the last few scenes of the episode were cute.  Kind of low animation aside, we also get a swanky new OP and ED, hey!

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2

Episode 14 Summary:

Queen Selizabeth is pretty badass.

This time Nakimori is in charge of guarding Queen Selizabeth’s prized topaz jewel, the Crystal Mother, as she journeys to Osaka by train.  Obviously Kaito Kid is after this jewel, but he quickly finds out that the one the Queen has around her neck is a fake.  The real Crystal Mother has been hidden elsewhere.

What a cute kid.

Luckily, Kaito and Aoko were able to get seats aboard the same train as the queen, but Kaito’s secret identity is nearly given away by the young Prince Phillip, who is the Queen’s son.  Unbeknownst to Kaito, there is a man from a shady organization on the train with them, who also has his eye on the Crystal Mother.  He is under orders to kill Kid if necessary.

As the train nears its destination, Kaito finally realizes where the Crystal Mother is hidden, and makes off with it as Kaito Kid.  He manages to escape the police by hiding out on top of the train, but is then accosted by Prince Phillip and the shady man.  The shady man threatens the Prince’s life in exchange for the Crystal Mother; but thanks to some quick thinking on Kaito’s part, he manages to shake the shady man off their trail.

This is such a great shot.

Kaito has a short talk with Prince Phillip, quickly realizing that the young boy just wants his mother’s affections.  Phillip feels that his mother doesn’t love him anymore after the death of his father, and is trying to return the Crystal Mother back to her so she can love him again.  However, Kaito hatches a plan for Phillip to test his mother’s love, and it’s revealed that Phillip never had to do anything—while the Queen may be harsh and strict, she still truly loves her son.


And so the episode ends, with Kaito “returning” the Crystal Mother.

My Opinion:

For those not in the know, this particular chapter of the manga has actually been animated THREE times already.  The first was as an old Detective Conan OVA (which I watched); the second time was as a Kaito Kid special (which I haven’t watched), and now it’s been animated yet again in this series.  I honestly think this was sort of a waste of MK episodes, as this is the third time this chapter has been animated, and it could have been saved for other MK manga chapters that never got an animated release.

Despite that, I still do like this particular storyline.  It manages to tell a very nice story in just the span of 20-something minutes.  The heist isn’t too important this time, because the focus is more on Prince Phillip and his mother, Queen Selizabeth.  I’m not going to lie; I teared up at the ending, even though I’ve seen this before (as a DC OVA) and knew what was going to happen.

Even though the heist wasn’t the sole focus of this episode, I think it was still a pretty good one.  How the queen hid the Crystal Mother was actually quite ingenious, albeit very daring.  And we finally get another appearance from the shady gang who’s after the Pandora Gem.  However, there are a few things I didn’t like about this episode.  Even though it was in the manga, I think it’s really odd that Kaito briefly wonders that the Crystal Mother is in the cat’s EYES.  Kaito, what the hell.  Do you really think a giant topaz of that size would be hidden in the eye(s) of a LIVING cat???  Not only would that be terribly cruel but that would be almost impossible.  I also didn’t really like the part where Kaito freaking drugs Aoko so he can complete his heist.  That’s really not cool, Kaito.

Anyway, other than those things, I did like this episode.  Crystal Mother has been redone three times by now, and I honestly still don’t know which one is the best version; but I guess it was a fun chapter to watch again.  Crystal Mother’s story is probably one of the better ones in the Magic Kaito manga, which is probably why they decided to remake it yet again for this anime.  And A-1 Pictures did a pretty solid job of it, if you ask me.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2