Since this is a Magic Kaito anime, you know what happens when someone gets too cocky.


A foreign princess from the Duchy of Sabrina named Anne arrives in Japan, with her very own detective/bodyguard named Delon.  She brings with her a massive diamond on a necklace, which Delon proclaims he will protect at all costs.  Delon is a man who is amazingly skilled and deadly with a gun, and tries to use it every chance he gets.  Delon and Nakamori quickly hit it off on the wrong foot, as Delon insults Nakamori for not being able to catch Kaito Kid.

I actually do like Nakamori, though. Possibly even more than Kogoro Mori in Detective Conan.

On the way home from school one day, Kaito sees a depressed Nakamori sitting by a river bank.  The two share a talk, with Nakamori telling Kaito that he might be taken off the task force if he’s unable to catch the Kid this time.  Kaito takes pity on the older man and gives Nakamori some advice on how to catch the Kid.  Kaito also gives him a small rabbit plush which he says is a “lucky rabbit.”  On the night of the heist, Nakamori stands guard nearby, while Delon and his forces guard the building that the princess is in proper.  Because Delon has so many guards posted, it makes it all the easier for Kaito to slip in while disguised.

Kaito, you smooth criminal.

Kaito meets with Princess Anne, a fairly pleasant princess who is also a big Kid fan.  Kaito (as the Kid) manages to convince the princess to lend him the diamond for a bit.  Not long after this, Delon barges in and nearly kills Kaito with a well-aimed shot.  However, due to some cleverness and help from the princess, Kaito manages to outwit and humiliate Delon.  Before leaving the scene, the Kid pays a visit to Nakamori, letting Nakamori “retrieve” the diamond and securing his position on the force.

Man that diamond has got to be worth millions.

My Opinion:

Wow, what’s with the sudden influx of “foreign royalty and precious jewels” chapters getting animated for Magic Kaito?  While I thought this was a pleasant episode, it wasn’t as great as the Crystal Mother episode that came before it.  Princess Anne is a cutie, don’t get me wrong; but her particular chapter is a bit boring.  The main “hook” of this story is basically that there’s a gun-happy detective going around.  But even though Kaito gets shot (the diamond blocked it, fortunately); the episode never really felt that exciting.

Perhaps it’s just that Delon is such an obviously “bad detective” stereotype.  Also, I’m not sure how I feel about Japan consistently making blonde foreigners really violent and gun obsessed.  Anyway, I’m just glad that Kaito didn’t kill Delon, because that would certainly have changed the mood of the episode really fast.

What I DID like about this episode was the little scene between Kaito and Nakamori.  Kaito may be a jerk at times, but when he sees someone looking down, he tries his best to cheer them up.  Even if that person in question is technically his “enemy.”  I just think it’s sweet that Kaito goes out of his way to save Nakamori’s position in the police force.  He could have very well gotten caught, yet he still offered the Inspector hints as Kaito.

Overall, this was an enjoyable episode but it didn’t seem to have much substance.  Or maybe I’m just burnt out on royalty with jewels now after the last episode.  We need to have Kaito working with more Kaito Kid fans, dammit.

Out of five for this episode:

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You snooze, you lose.