We open on a scene of Atsushi and Kinshirou as kids, wishing upon shooting stars.  We then flash-forward to present day, where Yumoto and the gang are once again bathing at Yumoto’s bathhouse.  The others tease Yumoto for acting childish, annoying one of their schoolmates who angsts over the fact that his face makes him look like an old man.  As to be expected, he’s quickly turned into a monster-of-the-week by Kinshirou and his gang.

I personally think Ryuu looks better with his hair down.

Don’t worry En! I’m pretty sure your fans still think that!

Yumoto and gang basically have a normal day at school, hanging out in their clubroom.  Things turn weird when they all suddenly turn into elementary school kids.  They quickly find out that they’re not the only ones who were affected—their whole school is too.  It’s all thanks to a weird, pink-haired young man.  Yumoto and co. transform and attempt to fight the man, but being turned into kids halved all of their powers.  The pink-haired man then turns them all into toddlers for good measure.

What old school shojo anime did you fall out of?

Pint-size Battle Lovers!

Fortunately, the guys all figure out that Mr. Villain is actually their schoolmate, and Yumoto manages to unnerve him long enough for them to “purify” him.  With another enemy defeated, the boys all head to the bathhouse once again.  Before the episode ends, Atsushi reminisces about the wish he made in the past with Kinshirou.

My Opinion:

I feel like this was a much better episode than the previous three.  At this point, I’m pretty sure the formula of each episode will be: “Boys talk for about half the episode, then a monster battle occurs.”  The boys’ conversations were just a lot more humorous and entertaining this time around.  Whether that is because the writing is cleverer this time around or if the boys have finally settled into their roles is up for debate.  But I really did enjoy this episode.

I’ll say it bluntly; the “now everyone is babies” episode has been done before, numerous times.  Heck, it’s even been done rather notably in another magical girl anime—Smile Precure!  And apparently the rule about “having your power be halved/etc” is standard for that trope too.  Still, as clichéd as this trope is, I still really like seeing anime use it.  Everyone was absolutely adorable as kids, not gonna lie.

The only thing I didn’t really like about this episode was that the villain/monster-of-the-week got defeated too easily after all that build-up.  I mean, he turned them all into kids, halved their powers, and then turned them into TODDLERS yet Yumoto still managed to purify the dude even when his powers should have been efficiently nullified.  I’m still sort of wrapping my head how that defeat scene played out.  So they all realize that his “young face” is all an illusion because he can’t have looked like that as a kid (what?) and that… upsets him to the point where his powers don’t work?  Come on anime, you can’t be this sloppy with your plot points when it’s only the fourth episode in!

Other than that, this episode was a fun watch.  My favorite parts were En also angsting about looking old, and his laugh.  Man, En’s laugh could cure depression.  Biased towards one character, what are you talking about.

Anyway, out of five for this episode:

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It’s kinda surprising that Ryuu’s theme color is pink because I kind of feel like that would fit Yumoto more. Ah well, whatever.