Talk shit, get hit.


A rich museum curator named Jirokichi challenges Kid to steal the Blue Wonder, a giant blue gem embedded in the statue on the top of his museum.  Obviously, Kaito decides to go for the heist, because he can’t stand people attacking the Kaito Kid name.  And, knowing that Conan is involved in this particular challenge only motivates Kaito even more to outsmart the small detective.  With a lot of help from Jii, Kaito does a “preliminary run” of the place first before conducting the heist proper.  And in true Kid style, Kaito (as the Kid) performs a daring mid-air walk for the crowd below.

Man, Jii really goes ALL OUT when it comes to planning heists…

And here is the walk that this episode was named for.

The next night, Kaito manages to steal the statue and the Blue Wonder, but unfortunately for him, Conan catches on to his tricks.  The two have a talk as Kaito rides away from the scene of the crime in Jirokichi’s motorbike, with Conan explaining away all of Kaito’s tricks.  However, Kaito still has a few tricks up his sleeve, and is able to shake off the small detective—though not before a very narrow near-death miss.

Hello again, Conan.


My Opinion:

Upon hearing that this was yet ANOTHER Conan-adapted episode I just inwardly groaned.  The episode was still quite good despite that, but I really wish A-1 Pictures would stop adapting more Conan episodes.  I get it, I get it; Detective Conan is a very popular anime, and it’s actually quite interesting to see things purely from Kaito’s end.  However, I don’t like these episodes because 1) this has already been animated in the DC anime so we’re just wasting episodes that could have animated Magic Kaito chapters that haven’t been animated yet; and 2) Conan needs to stop stealing the spotlight since he already has his own, 700+ episodes and running anime.

As I said, it is fairly interesting seeing things from Kaito’s end, especially with all the preparation work that has to be done just for him to pull of these huge heists.  And it is also very interesting to see Conan in such a villainous light; since it’s the other way around in his anime (with Kaito being the villain and Conan being the hero).  Still, another reviewer has said that this doesn’t really work as a standalone episode, and that seeing things with Conan’s context makes everything make more sense.  I have to agree.  Why did the Jirokichi suddenly decide to challenge the Kid (and for that matter, who the heck is Jirokichi?); and also, why is Conan involved in this particular case at all?  (And why did they even let a kid onto the security plans, like what the hell?)

Other than that, I did like how they animated Kaito’s hand tricks this time around.  The scene where Kaito does a Sybil Cut with the deck of cards is obviously rotoscoped, but it’s done a lot more smoothly than in tons of other anime that use it.  I think the shot of his hands where he makes the pencil “disappear” is also rotoscoped but it’s so fluidly animated that I honestly can’t tell.  Well done, Magic Kaito anime.  I also really like the trick of the mid-air walk itself.  I thought the trick to it would be the same as the one used by the Masked Gentleman in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (a great game, if you haven’t played that yet), but it turns out it’s a different trick that’s just as cool.

The only thing I didn’t like about this episode (well, other than “another Conan episode why this”) was that Conan could have very much killed Kaito this episode.  Granted, it was a complete accident on Conan’s part, but what the hell Conan.  Though, I guess Kaito could have also very nearly killed Conan, so I guess it’s… fair?  You guys better be glad you are the protagonists in this shonen anime.

Overall, a fairly good episode that actually goes more in depth with Kaito’s tricks than usual.  I mean, it’s another Kaito vs. Conan episode, and those are always bound to be exciting.  Where the hell is Hakuba though.

Out of five for this episode:

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I love how Conan seems really heroic in his own anime, yet here he’s just a little shit.