Always put your corpses in the fridge so they don’t go mouldy, kids.

The Earth Defense club manages to attract the attention of the odious Press Club, Kinozaki and Tazawa. While they’re initially interested in the relationship between the boys and Mr Tawarayama, they soon take in interest in each of them in general and attempt invasive interviews whenever possible. Since one of their favourite interview questions is ‘What would you do if you were a superhero’, the boys worry about them suspecting their identities as Battle Lovers. When a new Monster of the Week appears out of nowhere they are forced to distract them in order to be able to transform without them seeing.

presenting: the most annoying characters so far

Same, Atsushi.

Probably the only thing I laughed at.

This was probably the weakest episode so far, and is really making me question how much longer I want to keep watching this show. The writing here was just plain bad, even by its own standards. Like most people, I had been getting sick of the usual formula of ‘boys conversation ends up having something to do with another student at the school who then becomes Monster of the Week’ and had been wanting something slightly different for once but…not like this. The actual Monster of the Week part was so quickly tacked on that it actually seemed pointless – even the student that turned into the dumb Squid-Remote monster literally appeared out of nowhere, and he didn’t have much to do with the overall episode. I understand that it was mostly about the Press Club and the Defense Club’s attempts to get away from them – and the implication that the Press Club may pose a deeper threat, but was it really necessary to spend more than half the episode demonstrating how annoying they were? I was annoyed by them as soon as they appeared on-screen, I didn’t need more convincing.

It’s kind of ironic then that the monster they spend so little time bothering about actually had the most potentially interesting power – being a remote control, he could control Yumoto’s movements and even turn him against the others. …except he manages to keep up this suspense for approximately five seconds before he is forced to drop the remote (even though he is a remote) and is able to be defeated.

Look, I’m not asking for much in my dumb show about magical boys but…come on. I want something. This show just feels so empty. We’re approaching the halfway point so I’m sticking around a little longer to see if there’s anything important going down at that point, because this is really running the risk of becoming a chore to watch.

It took me until now to realize that everyone has different shoes.

But why does he have a remote if he is a remote..

I’m legit more interested in ‘guy who chops wood and does literally nothing else’ than anyone else in this show, go figure.

Out of 5,