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I will always love the scenery in this series.


After the whole birthday fiasco, Ginko and Lulu are now staying at Kureha’s house.  Ginko is now bedridden because of her injuries, and Kureha and Lulu take turns monitoring her health.  As Kureha is watching over Ginko one day, Kureha gets a strange dream about sharing the promised kiss… with Ginko!  After this, Kureha begins to slowly remember that she had a “precious friend” in her childhood.  Though for some strange reason she had completely forgotten about this girl until now.

That must have been some dream…

Back at school, there is news that yet another student has been killed by bears…  This time the victim is Kaoru.  Kureha meets with the school headmaster, hoping to find out some clues as to who her precious friend was.  The headmaster instead informs Kureha that the bear who killed Reia took her star necklace, leading Kureha to proclaim that she will kill the bear who is wearing it.

This scene must seem hilarious out of context.

Meanwhile, Ginko (in her fevered state) remembers her past.  She was an orphaned bear, and was brought into the bear army to “serve Kumaria-sama.”  This pitted her against humans that were trying to invade on the bear territory.  After getting shot on the battlefield, Ginko was left for dead by the other bears.  However, a young girl came along to save her…

Bear bullies. The worst type of bullies.

Back in the present, Kureha sings “the song of love” to Ginko, waking her up.  Kureha becomes flustered and leaves, but soon begins to regain more memories of her precious friend.  Ginko (seemingly recovered) goes the front porch and sings “the song of love,” leading to Kureha finally remembering who Ginko is.  Just as things seem to end on a good note, Lulu gets a letter from a mysterious person, explaining just what Ginko’s “sin” was.

I really love that Kureha’s returning memories are placed against the planetary backdrop.

My Opinion:

In this episode, we get to learn more about Ginko’s past, Kureha finally remembers Ginko, and Lulu gets a shocker from learning what sin Ginko committed.  Sadly, we don’t actually get to find out what it is.  I’m guessing the “sin” may have something to do with the time that Ginko spent with Kureha?

Anyway, I’m really glad we get some more back story on Ginko.  She always had a crown in her bear form, so I always wondered if she was some kind of princess.  We don’t exactly get a definite answer on that point, as Ginko was abandoned with the crown as a baby.  But yeesh, that whole bear army thing.  I’m sure it’s meant to be a criticism on war in general, what with the young bears being basically brainwashed into serving in the army, in order to be accepted by Kumaria-sama.  Though this is also the first time we get to see who’s actually fighting the war on the human side and… it’s all young girls…

Kureha does a lot of reminiscing this time around.  How did she forget about Ginko in the first place, though?  Especially if Kureha claims that she was a “precious friend”?  Even Kureha (and her mother) seemed surprised that she forgot, so hopefully we get a good explanation for this.  Selective amnesia is one of my most hated anime tropes, just for how clichéd it is; and it’s also way too convenient story-wise.  Since this is an Ikuhara work, I’m sure there’ll be a good reason for it.  (And if not I’ll be pretty pissed)

With Kaoru out of the way, a new enemy is rearing its head, and it appears to be a bear.  The school headmaster is growing more and more suspect each episode….

Overall this was a solid episode, giving us a bit of a breather after the tense last one, while still giving us new information to think about.  What will happen now that Kureha remembers Ginko?  Just what is Ginko’s sin?  Why does it seem like a bear is trying to sabotage Ginko’s promised kiss?  I guess we’ll find out next time.

Out of five:

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“I’ve found you.”