Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 19

Second episode of a two-parter so there are obviously heavy spoilers here.



The showdown between Kaito Kid and Chat Noir begins!  The Kid manages to grab the ring off of Nakamori’s finger thanks to some clever disguises and tricks.  Meanwhile, Chat Noir also manages to grab the ring and get away.  How?  Well, the ring on Nakamori’s finger was actually a fake.  The real ring was on Nakamori’s tie—which Chat Noir had cut off.

I think this is one of the only times the “shadow culprit” from Detective Conan appears here. And man did I forget how creepy they were.

While the Kid plans his escape in an elevator shaft, he gets a call from Chat Noir, who gloats about having the real ring.  But in actuality, the Kid had been one step ahead all along.  Kaito realized that the real ring was actually on Nakamori’s tie, and had stolen it beforehand; but replaced it with a fake replica of his own.  Chat Noir is surprised, wondering why the Kid went through all that trouble to steal a replica when he already had the real thing.  Kaito replies that he did it all for Nakamori’s safety.

There’s something oddly hilarious to me about Kaito Kid just chilling in an elevator shaft and talking on the phone.

It is revealed that Chat Noir was actually… Ruby Jones.  She only pretended to be American, but she is actually from France.  She had dressed up as Chat Noir to steal back all the cat’s eye jewelry that had been made by her father.  The man who commissioned her father for the pieces had been passing them off as genuine articles owned by Marie Antoinette.  This caused Ruby’s father to commit suicide because he didn’t want to sully Marie’s name.  Kaito had deduced all of this beforehand, but nonetheless pulls off some magic tricks to give Ruby the real ring, stating that Ruby’s goal and his are the same.

With a case and a heist finished, Kaito makes his escape into the night.

*feels extremely weird for finding this shot somewhat sexy*
Nakamori’s “YOSH!” here was strangely adorable.

My Opinion:

I always liked the Golden Eye arc, because it’s a great heist and also has a pretty great battle of wits between two famed phantom thieves.  I think Aoyama’s knack for compelling cases shines through best here, because there are non-stop twists.  Heck, this entire episode was basically plot-twist after plot twist.  So yeah, there’s a lot of talking here, but none of it came off as boring.

I think this particular heist is great at showing off Kaito’s keen deductive skills.  Yes, he had some help from Hakuba, but he managed to figure out the rest himself.  For a high-schooler, Kaito’s pretty damn clever.  Although he’s a thief, Kaito and Conan aren’t so different after all…

Ruby is certainly an amazing phantom thief in her own right, as she was able to figure out right away where the real ring is, and she was able to make her escape cleanly and quietly.  Her past is quite tragic too.  Even though her thieving methods are a bit rougher than Kaito Kid’s, she too is thieving to avenge her father.  I actually quite like Ruby’s design, and she seems like an interesting character.  Sadly, I doubt we’ll see anymore of her beyond this story arc.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode.  The only thing I have to criticize is the animation.  For such an important episode, why was the animation so bad?  The characters weren’t even moving that much, as the bulk of the episode was just Kaito and Ruby talking over phone!  I had to scrap a lot of screencaps for this review because they were so bad!  I’ll have to knock off some points for that, but based on story alone this episode rank pretty high.

Anyway, out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


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