Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode 8

Why is this week’s Yuri Kuma Arashi episode out so early? Long story short, I got sick. Also, massive spoilers this time around.



We dive into Miss Headmaster Yuriika’s past next!  She, like Ginko, was also an abandoned bear cub.  She was taken in by a strange man, who was the headmaster of the school.  This man believed that the world eventually taints everything, and thus, had an obsession with keeping things in boxes (well, drawers really) to keep them “pure.”  Yuriika was also put into one of these boxes, as the man claimed that she was his “most precious.”  However, the man eventually decided to leave to a new, unspoilt place; and Yuriika killed him for abandoning her.

I’m pretty sure it was intentional for Kureha to be almost an exact carbon copy of her mother, Reia.

So the school grounds eventually became Yuriika’s “box,” and she lived there while continuing to follow the man’s philosophy.  However, she soon met Reia, whom she fell in love with.  Sadly, Reia did not love Yuriika in the same way, and eventually went on to have a child.  Yuriika, feeling as if Reia had given away her love to someone else, decided to “back down on love.”  But the emptiness gnawed at her, and Yuriika eventually killed Reia and ate her.  From that night on, Yuriika proclaimed that she was a box, and that she will keep Reia pure and untainted within her.  But even after having eaten Reia, Yuriika was still unsatisfied.  Her next target was Kureha, who she believed contained the rest of Reia’s “love.”

Unrequited love is tragic.

Back in the present, Kureha discovers that Ginko has the necklace, and confides in Yuriika about it.  Yuriika fools Kureha into thinking that Ginko was the one who killed Reia, and Kureha makes it her goal to kill Ginko.  Meanwhile, Lulu tries to convince Ginko to cross the Severance Barrier and go back home, but Ginko refuses to back down on love and abandons her.  Kureha, Yuriika, and Ginko get a call from Life Sexy that night, to go to the rooftop to prove that their love is pure.  Kureha brings her rifle to the confrontation, but (despite Yuriika’s insistence) can’t bring herself to shoot Ginko.  However, Lulu suddenly arrives on the scene, telling Kureha that she knows what Ginko’s sin is.  Thunder drowns out the rest of the girls’ conversation, and Kureha, in anger, aims her rifle at Ginko once again.

There is the sound of a gunshot.

Didn’t know where to put the rest of these screencaps so here I guess.
This episode had really lovely scene angles.

My Opinion:


Graaaaahhh I’m so angry.  What was with that censoring at the end Ikuhara?  Damn you, Ikuhara!

HORRIBLE ending aside, there’s a lot of confirmation about certain things in this episode.  As I predicted, Yuriika is also a bear.  And she is also Reia’s killer.  I really like that this series explores the different kinds of love.  Yes, love can motivate people to do daring and heroic things, but if that love gets warped it can become something evil and despicable.  While Yuriika’s actions can’t be defended, I do feel bad for her.  She was raised by a person who basically emotionally abused her.  Speaking of which, the person who raised Yuriika is probably the only (confirmed) male human in this series.  I wonder why they decided to have a male human character appear here?  With this episode being titled “Bride in a Box,” the implications are… disturbing.

We get some confirmation on how Ginko got the necklace exactly, and it is because Reia gave Ginko the necklace the night that she (Reia) was killed.  Reia seemed to have been trying to protect Ginko from something… was it from Yuriika?  Or from other people?  Since Ginko met Kureha and Reia after the Severance Barrier was put in place, I’m sure that most humans wouldn’t have hesitated to kill the young Ginko on sight.

Also, that HORRIBLE ENDING.  Ginko was Sumika’s what???  Like, I’m sure that Lulu was also somewhat manipulated into thinking that Ginko actually ATE Sumika, but we (the audience) know that’s not the case.  But either way, Ginko was fully willing to accept Kureha’s bullet to prove her love, so it seems like Ginko didn’t deny that lie.  Lulu, just… wtf were you thinking?  What could possibly have been gained from the situation by you telling Kureha the “sin” that Ginko apparently committed?  Were you trying to convince Ginko to go back home with you, or were you purposefully trying to kill Ginko now since she abandoned you?  I really hope that Lulu had some good intentions for this dumb move, because if she was really trying to off Ginko I’m afraid I’m going to hate her for the rest of this series now.  :/

Overall, this was a really good BAD episode.  Lots of revelations, lots of twists.  Damn you Ikuhara, I love hate you so much.

Out of five for this HORRIBLE episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

(hopefully ya’ll realized I was just joking about hating this episode)


2 thoughts on “Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode 8

  1. moeronpan February 26, 2015 / 1:10 am

    I’m also confused about the apparently human man that appears, and whether their obvious feminity was supposed to give them some kind of Takarazuka-esque feel.
    …but mostly I’m like ‘lol seriously’ at how it just cuts to ‘SUDDENLY REIA HAS A BABY’. I understand that Kureha’s father is probably a spoiler and all but it still made me laugh, it’s like where the hell did she even come from, spontaneous baby.

    • Ariana February 26, 2015 / 3:59 am

      Spontaneous baby indeed.

      I guess I should have said more about that in my review, but wtf did Kureha’s dad just die? Disappeared? Ran away? I’m sure Kureha actually does have a dad, and isn’t just like, cloned or whatever (because she looks so like her mom); because Yuriika was upset over Reia loving someone else.

      …or maybe Kureha actually IS cloned? WHAT A TWIST.

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