Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 20

The thief known as “Nightmare”…


After one of his heists, Kaito gets a call from a mysterious man called “Nightmare,” who helps Kaito escape the scene of the crime.  Nightmare then proposes that he and Kaito work together to steal some precious treasure.  Kaito refuses, but it doesn’t seem like Kaito has any choice; as Nightmare has some top secret info on Kaito and Jii that could threaten both their identities if Kaito doesn’t cooperate.

Meanwhile, Inspector Nakamori gets some info on the man called Nightmare.  Nightmare is an international thief, who has worked with other thieves in the past to steal precious gems and the like.  Whoever works with Nightmare ends up getting caught by police or killed.  Because Nightmare is an international criminal, the Interpol has gotten involved in the preparations for this heist.

Aoko was so cute this episode.

Kaito and Aoko are able to visit Nakamori at the museum where the heist is supposed to take place.  There, they meet with Kenta, who is the son of Jack Connery, the man in charge of Interpol operations.  Kenta is a young boy whose mother died a few years ago, and now lives in an orphanage because his dad is busy traveling the world due to his job.  Kenta also has some kind of cranial disease, which he has to constantly take pain medications for.


After Aoko whisks Kenta away to dinner, Kaito conducts his heist.  Kaito manages to steal the “Dark Knight,” a pair of black opal earrings, and quickly makes off with it.  He meets with Nightmare at their designated meeting spot in an abandoned construction site.  Kaito quickly reveals that Nightmare is actually Jack Connery in disguise.  Connery was posing as Nightmare in order to steal jewels to get enough money for his son’s surgery.  With his identity blown, Connery prepares to shoot Kaito, but is distracted by Kenta’s voice and falls to his death, despite Kaito trying desperately to save him.  Kenta, who had followed his dad to the construction site, ends up witnessing his father’s last moments.

Was this honestly surprising to anyone?

Kaito quickly runs off, not wanting his identity exposed.  But Kaito escapes this heist with a heavy heart…

I can’t make any jokes about this scene though.

My Opinion:

This was an episode I was dreading reviewing.  Not because it’s a bad episode, but because it is an incredibly tragic one.  I had read this particular chapter in the past, and boy is it just as depressing as I remembered it being.  This is probably the only Kaito Kid heist that ends with someone getting killed, which makes it all the more tragic.

If I remember correctly, I think this particular story arc was actually composed of three chapters—which makes this episode seem a bit compacted.  Nonetheless, I still think there was enough information given; though the “twist” seemed a little less shocking because of how quickly it was revealed.  Jack Connery is an interesting thief, because he thieves for a “noble” goal (saving his son’s life).  But his ways are much more ruthless than Kaito’s, and he’s not above killing people if he has to.  There can probably be tons of arguments made about whether Connery’s methods were justified even if it were to save his son; but given what happened at the end of the episode…  That poor, poor kid…

That said; I do have some problems with this episode.  I know Hakuba was included here because he was included in the manga, but his role in this heist felt so pointless.  Heck, if you hadn’t watched the episode, you wouldn’t even have known that Hakuba appeared in this episode.  I honestly believe Hakuba was only included for his (really damn cheesy) lines at the end.  At least in the manga his role felt less tacked on.  I also have problems with the Kid’s “see you next illusion” segment at the end.  I feel like this episode would have done better without it, because seeing the Kid smiling while talking about how Connery was ironically freed of his “nightmare” by his death just seems cruel.  A KID JUST LOST HIS FATHER!  They should have just axed that segment because it destroys any sense of angst that Kaito had, which was the most important thing about the story arc.

I also noticed a subbing error from Crunchyroll this episode.  The guy’s name is “Jack” Connery, but they mispelled/misheard it as “Chuck” the first time it’s mentioned.  Huh.

Other than those things, I think this episode was very good.  It’s always interesting to see Kaito going up against other thieves, and this episode certainly hits where it hurts.  The next episode is unfortunately yet ANOTHER Kaito vs. Conan episode which I’m pretty annoyed about.  (Conan, go back to your own 700+ episodes and running anime!)  But hey, Ai makes a cameo here and that’s pretty neat.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Hakuba, shut up.

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