I like how En is reading a manga about the student council.

The student council is starting to realize that their ridiculous plans of world domination are not going very well, due to how easily they get thwarted by the Earth Defense Club – who, thanks to their magical censors – they still can’t identify. It’s also making Zundar angry, since its wasting a lot of his precious ‘Zundar Needles’ that he uses to transform gloomy boys into Monsters of the Week. Therefore they attempt a slightly different strategy this time…but only slightly, they approach a boy before he’s started to become completely consumed by despair. This time, it’s a young man named Uriya, who has a tendency to over think what others think of him. He gets turned into a melon-themed monster…albeit a rather polite one.

Instead of attacking the boys as usual, he intrigues them with some ‘riddles’ related to melons and tells them to meet him on Binan mountain to find out the answers – however he has covered the mountain in traps, hoping that they’ll be done in by them. They look up the answers on google anyway,  but still decide to go and meet with the monster. First, however, since the Defense Club have grown in popularity online after the Press Club’s feature on them they participate in a ridiculous cosplay photoshoot in order to make money and increase their fame further.


The most polite monster so far.

This show wishes. I feel like it isn’t near as popular as the studio hoped it would be.

Well, I’m glad that the student council are finally realizing that their plans are dumb, but I still don’t see what was so different about their approach this time. The episode still played out the exact same way they always did. I hope they’re going to do some kind of interesting game-changing thing for the climax of this show, because it’s getting really close to it, yet honestly doesn’t feel like it. Still, there are three more episodes to go so this could easily change. Although I’m kind of annoyed that we’ve gotten this far without any explanation as to why the hell the council are doing what they’re doing. I know this is the kind of show where you aren’t really meant to care about details like this, and I know that Atsushi and Kinshirou’s pasts will probably be explained more in detail in the coming episodes…but seriously, I feel like we should have learned more about them by now. The third member, Ibushi, has been given barely any spotlight at all, to the extent that its hard to even really tell what stock personality he’s meant to have. I’m not sure why he gets so little attention – you’d think a trio of villains would get equal attention, but he always does far less than either Gero or Kinshirou. Since he appeared in the episode previews at the end of last weeks episode I was expecting this episode to be about him but…nope. Sometimes he’s just on-screen, as usual.

It wouldn’t bother me as much if he was getting less attention/character-building than the annoying press-club members who are back again. They’re less annoying in this episode at least, and I still don’t really know what the point in them is. This is the second episode where they’ve made vaguely cryptic nudgenudge winkwink remarks to a goldfish, and my initial thought was that the goldfish was going to turn out to be another talking animal like Wombat and Zundar. (Because honestly, if it doesn’t, their entire characters are pointless…and yet have gotten more lines of dialogue than Ibushi.) On the plus side, because of them there was a ridiculous photoshoot montage, which was pretty fun. Of course, the whole thing with them being ‘internet idols’ made me wonder if it was wishful thinking on the creator’s part. I don’t know if they really expected this show to be a hit, but it doesn’t really seem to be. (Not even the Pixiv tag for it is all that busy). Then again, there’s apparently a photo-book of the voice actors cosplaying the characters and recreating scenes in the show being released, so it might actually be more popular than I think.

While the episode itself was pretty ho-hum, I did laugh at a few lines – especially the boys just googling the melon trivia, and Atsushi and En realizing they don’t actually have any idea how they became friends.

if someone showed me this cap before I saw the episode and told me ‘in this episode Yumoto becomes a yankii girl-gang member and destroys the school’ i would probably believe them tbh

I was tempted to just have all the screenshots be of the photoshoot but oh well.

The show keeps trying so hard to make the audience ship Atsushi and En and I might actually start doing it at this rate.

Out of 5,