Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 21



Kaito once again gets a challenge from old man Suzuki; this time to steal a pair of shoes with jewels embedded in the front.  Even though the challenge is for that night and there’s almost no time for preparations, Kaito just can’t turn down a challenge—or an excuse to put on a show.  Plus, since Suzuki is involved, THAT person will surely be there…

Yeah, those are shoes with honking big jewels embedded in them.

That night, Kaito appears at the designated spot and manages to steal the shoes, despite all the traps that had been put in place to capture him.  He also manages to “teleport” to a nearby building afterwards.  The Kid announces to the camera crew that one of the shoes is a fake, and that he’ll return to steal the real one tomorrow night.  Conan, who had been there to watch the heist go down, is utterly baffled at the Kid’s trick.

Kid’s a smooth criminal.
I’m so happy Ai got a cameo. Though if you don’t know anything about Detective Conan, you’ll have no idea who she is.

The next night, Kaito keeps his word and appears to steal the shoes again.  However, he gets cocky and repeats the same trick; which Conan finally figures out.  Due to some quick thinking, Kaito (and Jii) manage to escape the very close call.

I know that’s just a gun that shoots cards but damn does this scene look ominous.

My Opinion:

While initially somewhat disappointed because this was yet another Conan episode re-animated for what is supposed to be Kaito Kid’s series; I actually did enjoy this episode a lot.  Kaito’s magic trick this time was fairly simple, but clever.  And as much as I dislike Conan cameos in a Kaito Kid anime, I do like Kaito and Conan’s dueling of wits.

Kaito actually does something he rarely does here; and that is repeating a trick.  I still don’t entirely understand Kaito’s reasoning behind this.  I know he did this to test Conan’s intelligence, but that was awfully reckless of him.  He nearly got himself and Jii caught!  I know that Kaito’s the type of person who likes to push boundaries but… I can’t help but feel like the episodes that feature him AND Conan have his personality be much more reckless than usual.  Kaito is cocky, but he’s not totally careless when it comes to heists.

Other than that, this was a rather tense episode with a lot of action, but it was a fun watch.  There’s some cute Kaito/Aoko moments thrown in there, and we also get a cameo from Ai of the Detective Conan series!  There was unfortunately quite a bit of QUALITY ANIMATION in the first few minutes of the episode, but everything else was decently animated.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


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