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Just as the evil student council members and the Battle Lovers are about to fight, Goro barges onto the scene, holding a talking goldfish and claiming that everything that had happened was predetermined.  The goldfish, named Hireashi, was the mastermind behind it all—with “it” being a reality show broadcasted to the entire galaxy.  Apparently this isn’t the first time that Hireashi came to earth to plan the show (called “Can I Destroy Earth?”).  Hireashi came down once before, but his efforts were stopped by Goro, and as such the show was cancelled due to bad ratings.

I can’t make this shit up if I tried.

Yumoto’s bro continues to be one of the best characters on this show (along with En of course *cough*)

Now Hireashi is at it again, and since Kinshirou is too shocked by the news to fight, Zundar uses his needles to make Goro into a monster.  Thus, Yumoto is forced to fight his own brother.  During their fight, the school’s clock tower gets knocked over and nearly crushes Kinshirou; but Atsushi saves him.  Afterwards, Yumoto manages to snap his brother out of his evil state, but Hireashi apparently decides to take matters into his own hands and brings out a giant robot mecha.  But just as he does so, his show gets immediately cancelled due to his meddling; so Hireashi decides to destroy the earth anyway out of anger.  Luckily, the student council members and the Earth Defense Club members have all banded together and gained their “More Better” forms, allowing them to beat Hireashi easily.

To the very end, En gets the best lines out of the entire cast.

Looking awful quality there guys.

After all is said and done, everything returns to normal… somewhat.  Atsushi and Kinshirou are now best buds again, and the student council members are all good friends with the rest of the Earth Defense Club.  And so the day is saved.  The End.

Wings for everyone!

My Opinion:

I don’t know what to say about this final episode.  In a way I suppose it was good, but I also felt like it was probably a bit too dramatic for a series like this.  There were some great gems of comedy, like the talking animals’ extremely petty verbal sparring match; but for the most part this episode was just full of rather clichéd drama.

I guess the big problem with this episode was that the comedy and the drama really did not mesh well, and the episode as a whole really flip-flopped too much between the two extremes.  Okay, so the whole plot of the series came about because of a wacky space reality show, but suddenly GORO TURNS EVIL AND YUMOTO HAS TO FIGHT HIS BROTHER!  I think the episode would have worked better if it was just a straight ridiculous comedy or a straight drama, but as it is, well… it’s okay but not great.  Also, the really predictable “good guy saves the bad guy from death/bodily harm so now they’re on good terms with each other” cliché.  It’s a staple of the magical girl genre, but I’ve seen it pulled off way less half-assedly than it was here.

And, I mean, come on; we pretty much know that the Battle Lovers would win because this series is far too light-hearted to end any other way.  Although it wasn’t surprising that the student council ends up fighting on the side of good, I WAS surprised to see that they also got the same power/costume upgrade that the rest of the Battle Lovers got.  It’s got a dumb name (“More Better” are you serious), but I’ve seen worse upgrade names so I just kind of had to laugh at that.

Overall, it was an okay final episode.  It was really predictable but also managed to throw in some slight twists.  The only thing I’m super bummed about was that the animation wasn’t that great even for a final episode.  But as cheesy as the student council and Earth Defense Club members being friends is, I still really liked that.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Moeronpan’s Final Thoughts:

What a mixed bag this show was. While my overall opinion on it is that I’m disappointed, it seems like I’m in a minority, because just about everyone I’ve seen talking about this show who isn’t Ariana has nothing but praise for it. Maybe it’s because I know how much better it could have, no, should have been considering the writers behind it. It’s just bizarre to me that the writers of Gintama and Daily Life of High School Boys could come together to create an all-male magical-girl parody and have it not be a comic masterpiece. I feel like all the ingredients for a great show were here in a pot, and someone just forgot to stir it. True comic brilliance would have let me overlook the poor animation and bare-bones characterization, but that just didn’t come often enough.

I’m glad it at least went out with a bang – the ending was stupid and ridiculous, but I expect nothing less. The ‘twist’ made me roll my eyes at first because it’s one I’m kind of sick of … but a few more minutes into the final episode and I was actually enjoying the absurdity, and the ‘More Better’ thing made me laugh a lot.

The show’s main flaw is how much it seems to attempt at pleasing all of its potential audiences at once, which is something that rarely works. Its habit of acting like a gag comedy one minute, a fujoshi fanservice show the next and some kind of poorly written drama the minute after that gave it these tonal shifts that were actually pretty jarring. Had it meshed these elements better, it would have been a much more solid anime. However, there were flashes of greatness here and there, the characters grew on me a lot and I can’t exactly say I regret watching it. I’m glad it exists overall, but I also feel like I probably would have enjoyed it a little more if I wasn’t blogging it.

My Final Thoughts:

I don’t think there’s any better way to sum up my feelings about this series other than a shoulder shrug and a “meh.”  It wasn’t a terrible series, but I wouldn’t call it good either.  I’m just slightly disappointed because there was so much wasted potential.  We really need more magical boy anime, so in a way this series was “groundbreaking.”  But we also need a “good” magical boy anime, not something that felt as half-assed as this was.  I feel like there were so many times when the series could have really subverted the typical magical girl tropes in funny ways, but they instead played it straight because magical boys doing something that magical girls would typically do apparently equals automatic comedy.  But that’s just not how comedy works.

The saddest thing to me is that the characters all felt so one-note and bland, even by the series’ end.  Probably the only characters that got some sort of character development was Kinshirou and Atsushi, if only because of Kinshirou’s petty grudge.  The animation for this series was also rather average, going into QUALITY ANIMATION territory quite a few times.

So overall this series is just… so average it’s average.  Once the novelty of a “magical girl anime—but with BOYS!” thing wears off, you really start seeing how many flaws this series has.  It was still fun at times even despite all the aggravating bits, so I can’t say I didn’t somewhat enjoy this series.

Out of five for the series as a whole:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Thank goodness.