Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 24 (Final)

Last episode review for Binan Koukou aka that magical boy anime will be out when I get Moeronpan’s final thoughts on it. Reviews for Yuri Kuma Arashi will be out… eventually.  Sorry guys, I’m probably going to have to postpone the reviews for the last two episodes until a date when I’m much less emotionally drained.  I’m just not ready for something that I know will be that soul-crushingly depressing.

Anyway, onto the final Magic Kaito review!

Like father like son…?


Continuing on from last episode, Kaito has a talk with his mom, who dropped by to check up on him.  His mother tells him a bit about Corbeau and Harry, and also suggests that Kaito go to Las Vegas to further his career as a magician.  This causes to Kaito to ponder his goal in life.  He can’t go on chasing his father’s shadow forever…

The next day at school, Aoko’s smart observations allow Kaito to figure out Corbeau’s tricks.  That night, both Corbeau and Kaito send an advance notice to steal the Midnight Crow, putting Nakamori and security on high alert.  Nonetheless, Corbeau manages to outsmart them all, causing the police to rush out—leaving Harry and Kaito alone.  Kaito (as Kid) quickly deduces all of Corbeau’s tricks; which wouldn’t have worked unless Harry was also an accomplice.  However, their conversation is interrupted by Snake and his gang, who are still after the Pandora gem.  Harry reveals himself to actually be Corbeau in disguise… who is also Toichi?!  This shocks Kaito, but thanks to Corbeau, they both are able to escape without harm.

A bit early to be gloating there, don’t you think?
Loving all the parallels shown between Kaito and his dad.

Before Corbeau disappears into the night, he commends Kaito on his conviction.  As Kaito returns home, he finds a letter written by his mother, who went back to Las Vegas after realizing Kaito’s conviction in avenging his father’s death.  This causes Kaito to suspect that his mother was Corbeau all along… but that couldn’t be possible could it…?

Later, Kaito hangs out with Aoko at Jii’s bar.  Unbeknownst to Kaito, Aoko had invited Hakuba and Akako, planning to form a four-team detective club in order to finally capture the Kid.  However, Kaito just says that he’ll become an even better Kid than the original Kid.

I just love how both Kaito and Jii are facepalming.

My Opinion:

This was not as bad an episode as I was dreading.  I really liked that they addressed Kaito’s future here.  Kaito really can’t just keep pursuing revenge for his father all his life.  And if he finally does manage to avenge his father, what then?  So I’m glad that Kaito has another goal in life, which is surpass his father as a magician.  And I gotta admit, Kaito’s utter verbal smackdown on Harry was pretty awesome to see.

While Corbeau’s identity is ultimately left unsolved, I think it’s really highly hinted at that Kaito’s mom was the one masquerading as Corbeau, to test Kaito’s conviction.  I… sorta have mixed feelings about that, ‘cause wow is that a really… emotionally manipulative thing to do to your kid?  But I suppose she had good intentions about it.  I still feel like they could have just talked it out instead though.  Way to be overly dramatic Chikage.  (Also you should totally be at home more to support your son, dangit)

Overall, a decent episode and a decent ending to the Magic Kaito series.  As Aoyama hasn’t finished writing the Magic Kaito series yet, it would feel weird to end the Magic Kaito anime on a definite note.  And while it’s a little disappointing that we get such an open-ended conclusion, at least it feels fitting.  Kaito is still trying to avenge his father’s death, but he also realizes he can’t continue being Kaito Kid forever.  I think that’s the best we’re going to get, while still leaving some chances for a possible second season (if we ever get that).

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Final Thoughts:

I’ll admit, having watched the entirety of the Magic Kaito anime, I’m a bit more disappointed than happy about it.  The beginning half of the series started out so strongly, but that all went downhill when important Kaito-specific chapters were cut for all the Conan vs. episodes.  I really have to wonder why A-1 Pictures decided to adapt Magic Kaito in this way.  The series could have been a really good standalone series.  But with all the Conan-specific episodes, people who didn’t have any knowledge about the Magic Kaito manga or the Detective Conan series would be totally lost.  Hell, the only reason I was able to enjoy the Conan vs. episodes was BECAUSE I had prior knowledge of the DC series.  I suppose A-1’s intentions were to make a Kaito Kid series catering to his fans, but in doing so I feel like they really alienated new viewers.

Rambling about too many Conan-centered episodes aside, I think all other aspects of the Magic Kaito anime were handled well enough.  A lot of people complained about A-1’s art style, saying that it didn’t look anything like Aoyama’s art.  I personally don’t think it looks that far off; and I actually can’t stand seeing Kaito in TMS’s style now that I’ve been so acclimated to A-1’s style.  However, I do think that A-1’s animation does tend to dip rather strongly in certain episodes, which isn’t great.  Especially since the animation was pretty bad at times even in the penultimate and final episodes.

Overall, even as disappointed as I am with how A-1 Pictures handled the series, I just can’t outright hate it, due to my love for Kaito Kid.  I still wish it could have been better; but as a whole it wasn’t terribly bad either.  Unfortunately, that means I can’t give the series any higher of a rating than just average.  Well, here’s hoping for a second season!

Out of five for the series as a whole:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

I’d be down for a second season–just less Conan episodes, PLEASE.

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