What do you mean it’s the second anime season of 2015 already? Wasn’t it February yesterday? Man, whatever.

Yeah, seriously.

Junichiro Kagami is an insufferable otaku NEET who spends his days maintaining an anime blog and irritating his sister, who wants him to get a job already. Something that he actually manages to do with ease – the application she submitted for him to be a physics teacher at his old high school was accepted and they want him to start immediately as a substitute, no interview even required. Why? Because despite being an insufferable otaku NEET, Kagami is also apparently something of a genius, having his writing published in numerous scientific journals at the age of seventeen. He’d been scouted by numerous universities yet turned them all down because he actually doesn’t give a damn about science, he just wants to run his anime blog. Nevertheless, the school principal seems to be honoured to have him as part of the staff due to his intellect, but mostly because this is a stupid anime school – seeing as he doesn’t even reconsider when Kagami runs out of the room mid-meeting because he heard someone singing the theme song of an anime he likes.
The singing is coming from a female student who wishes to become a seiyuu – a dream that has made her a target of bullying in her class, which turns out to be the class Kagami is assigned to. As the bullies’ pranks become more vicious, Kagami decides to take matters into his own hands to defend the girl.

Check out that awful character art on the background students. That’s just how the show looks nearly all the time.

Yeesh. I’d heard that Denpa Kyoushi was bad, but I was trying to go into without any particular expectations. But it’s really hard to find any positives in this dreck at all.
I’ve probably ranted about this before, but I really can’t stand 99% of self-identified otaku lead characters in anime, because this inadvertently always translates to ‘irritating smarmy git who talks in exaggerated net-speak, yells a lot, and is tragically unfunny, yet we, the audience, are supposed to like him.’ Kagami is basically exhibit A of this. One of the reviewers on my twitter feed said something to the effect of the show basically being ‘what if the most annoying dude in an anime forum became a teacher’ and that’s basically what we have here. Kagami is not only an annoying character, he’s completely unlikeable, and almost everything he says reads like a multi-paragraph rant from some forum nerd whose waifu you just insulted. For example, after the seiyuu wannabee tells him that she aims to be a seiyuu his immediate reaction is to yell and scream at her, berating her for insulting the godliness of seiyuu with her wishy-washy dreams. He’s immediately established as a grating ahole of a character, but on the plus side he does get punched in the face.

While he’s incredibly annoying, the rest of the cast are about as interesting as stale bread – we don’t meet many of them in this opening episode, sure – but the parade of character tropes in the opening doesn’t set my hopes too high. The story itself is also dull – the overall plot is mostly ‘I’m hilarious!’ otaku self-indulgent slop, and the story in this episode is as connect-the-dots as bullying stories come. It’s worth mentioning that Kagami’s plot to teach the bully girls a lesson was basically to threaten to leak all their personal information to the hounds of 2chan – as in, doxx them – which some have found to be incredibly problematic. While it’s true that he didn’t actually do this and just pretended to in order to ‘teach them a lesson’, and the bullies are so ridiculously cardboard it’s hard to even feel any actual sympathy or even engagement with anything they’re doing anyway – I definitely understand the discomfort that such a threat can cause in viewers…regardless of whether or not they ‘deserved it’. That’s a can of worms I don’t really want to get into – but the biggest offender about the whole thing to me was how lazily written everything was. I honestly just didn’t care. I also don’t even really want to go into how border-line insulting I found the fact that- as someone who has worked as a teacher, whose mother is a teacher and who greatly respects and looks up to teachers – that some slacker nerd was given a job without even an interview, as though teaching is just a walk in the park any schmuck can do if they’re ”’intelligent”’, because that’s more of a personal issue and frankly there’s enough things in the show to roll my eyes at anyway.

If I’d seen a clip or screenshot of this show, I swear that if I didn’t know any better I’d have just assumed it was some run-of-the-mill anime from 2002 that everyone forgot about. The art style looks incredibly dated, the character art is unattractive, and the animation is really, really bad. There are several parts of this episode alone where the bad animation actually really stuck out – pretty much any scene of anyone walking, a part where the bullies rip up a book, an unintentionally hilarious sequence in which Kagami goes down a slide in a playground without moving at all – everything about this screams a cheap rush-job with no thought or care given to it. It’s the kind of badness I’ve come to expect from a studio like, say, Toei, but this is A-1 Pictures, who are usually a lot better at this. Not even the seiyuu sound that enthused.

I was surprised to learn that the manga of this is actually very popular. Maybe this is just another case of the bad adaptation – hell, maybe Kagami redeems himself as a character in later chapters and his unlikeableness at the beginning is completely intentional. If that’s true, this is just yet another dismally bad adaptation to add to the pile of bad adaptations. Either way, I don’t want it wasting any more of my time, so I’m out.

I absolutely hate the way the highlights are scribbled on the hair. It isn’t so bad in this shot, but there’s plenty where it just looks ugly.

Out of 5,