Hi everyone! I’m here to start off the Spring Anime Season with Owari no Seraph! We’ve got 4 reviewers on board this time to bring you your first impressions. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Well, a dramatic start with fantastic animation. Everyone fucking DIES.

We’re greeted with a female voice stating that all people under 13 years of age will live, while everyone else is slaughtered by a virus. A mysterious scene of a woman with long, pink hair is seen, and we are greeted with a world that looks like something out of a movie. The animation is incredibly well detailed, though the variations in the line work are a little jarring at first.

Four years later, everyone is dressed in a uniform of sorts and entered into a place where all the children are kept under observation. Their blood is taken from them, and we soon find out why. A confrontation with the ‘adults’ reveals that one of the nobles is a vampire, and we can assume the rest of the guards are as much, too.

The plot soon becomes clear – humans are but livestock for the vampires to feed on, at least, those children taken from the world in the beginning.

Yuichiro, aka Yu, the main character, came from a very dysfunctional family, where his father tried to kill them, and his mother committed suicide as a result of her child being a ‘demon’ child. He’s your classic brooding pre-teen, though one can hardly blame him with a past like that. He doesn’t like the concept of family as a result, but that hardly slows down Mika, the blonde boy, who promptly ignores the triad and welcomes Yu into the family.

The orphans introduced at the beginning are shown to be still living together as a large family. Mika seems to be getting rather close with the Nobles in order to earn money and privileges for the rest of the group. Food is scarce, and the children’s survive on what can only be described as vitamin and mineral packs that taste bad. Therefore, that night, when curry is made for everyone and Mika is missing, everyone can only guess why. By donating his ‘delicious blood’ to the noble, he can get a better life for the children.

Though, it turns out very quickly that Mika has been plotting right along side Yu in order to get weapons and maps to ‘take down’ the vampires that seemingly invaded the planet. They plot to run away, using the map that Mika managed to get. The whole group of the orphanage gets ready to vacate the vampire area, protected from the virus, but are stopped when they quickly realise the whole thing is a giant ploy, planned from the beginning by the noble.

The orphanage children except for the two boys are quickly slaughtered by the vampire, including Mika, though one retribution is the vampire is also killed by Mika as a result.

Yu makes it out, only to encounter three mysterious strangers, who state he is a child of prophecy who made it out of what we now know is a laboratory. The scene skips ahead four years into the future, where Yu has grown up to 16, and looks ready to slaughter some vampires.

This series is off to a very dramatic start, that’s for sure! Already everyone has seemingly died, and a rich world is introduced to us right off the bat. The art is incredible, and the animation flawless. Definitely a show I will follow, if not blog. We shall see!

Out of 5,