One might question why someone like me, who’s asexual and has no interest in women whatsoever, would watch a show like Highschool DxD, one of the most ecchi of ecchi’s to ever ecchi. Well, call it a bit of a guilty pleasure, but sometimes some of them aren’t as bad as they could be. For an ecchi.

Highschool DxD begins its third season this spring, and you can bet I’ll be tuning in! But first, a quick run-down on the happenings of seasons one and two under the cut~


Issei is your perverted main character with an intense love of the female body, and a heart of gold. He loves every single woman he meets, and well, if one couldn’t hear his internal thoughts, one would really think him to not really be that much of a pervert as you might think. Despite one questionable scene in series two, consent is sexy to Issei, which, in a show like this? A rarity and a rarity I very much enjoy. He dreams of being a Harem King, though. Go figure.

He starts off human, but his first ever girlfriend, a fallen angel, kills him for the Sacred Gear inside him, a very magical artefact that settles inside human beings. Some are very rare, others aren’t. And it so happens that Issei finds out that he is in fact, a dragon. One of the Heavenly dragons, in fact.

It’s demons versus angels versus fallen angels in a three-way battle for most of seasons one and two, but due to a few events from an outside force known as the Chaos Brigade, an alliance is formed. Issei meets his counterpart, the White dragon (he is the Red dragon) and thus, we end season two.

Throughout seasons one and two, the girls surrounding Issei become more enamoured with the boy, and that’s where we enter season 3.

I love this character.

I love this character.

Boobs, boobs and more boobs. That’s how we start season three. With Issei waking up with three naked woman in his bed. Sounds like DxD to me! All of the girls are living at Issei’s house now, as opposed to seasons one and two where it was just Asia.

Despite the copius attention to the girl’s boobs and panties, it’s strange, and a bit personal, but this show actually gave me a lot of confidence as a woman. To go out and buy pretty things for myself for ME, rather than for guys or to impress them. It’s one of the the things that really spoke to me about the show, I don’t really know why to this day.

But hey, an ecchi having a positive effect on me can’t be that bad, eh?

Also, one thing I liked, that was introduced in season two, was the introduction of Kiryuu Aika, a bespectacled girl with a normal figure that is just as perverted as the ‘pervert trio’ of boys (which includes Issei) while Motohama can measure a girl’s bust measurements, HER power is to, it seems, measure the details of a boy’s dick.

Gotta admit, I got a good laugh out of that. It’s nice to see it reversed.

A trip to Hell is in store for this season as summer holidays begins. Plot wise, it seems like we’ll get some advancements with Koneko for the first arc, with her sister being found, and her strange behaviour. And a training montage in the form of battling a GIANT DRAGON.

Dragons and magic and hilarity - I love this series so much.

Dragons and magic and hilarity – I love this series so much.

I’m also curious to find out more about the characters who appeared in the opening, though I know who most of them are from reading the light novels. I’m thrilled to see them get their animated debut this season! (I hope) Though speaking of the animation – some of it was pretty average in this premier. I was pretty disappointed – I know it’s an ecchi, but focus on the faces some more, animators!

He was talking about nipples, lol.

He was talking about nipples, lol.

As far as this episode goes, theres not a lot to say. It’s DxD – lots of boobs, lots of silliness, and a great deal of fun mixed with a sprinkling of plot to keep my interest up. It’s exactly what I love about this series, and I can’t wait for episode two because of it.

Note – I WILL in fact be blogging this series this season. 😉

The sister.

The sister.

Out of 5,