Yes, I know this is basically a sequel anime to the long-running Nanoha series, but since the manga for this was done by one of my favorite mangakas Takuya Fujima, I am basically obligated to review any of his series that get an anime, even if they are godawful.

Now that animation does not look promising…


We follow the adventures of a ten year old girl named Vivio, who lives on some sort of magical fantasy planet that has both magic and advanced technology. She’s raised by two “mothers,” Nanoha and Fate (who were the main characters in previous Nanoha animes). The first episode deals with her entering into the fourth grade, and finally getting her own magical item to transform–which allows her to transform into an adult.

Oh yeah, her magical transformation trinket is the bunny.

Meanwhile, a mysterious assailant has been challenging hand-to-hand combat fighters to duels.

Also a bunch of past Nanoha characters get tons of cameos everywhere.

This entire episode was basically just the series trying to shove it in your face that Vivio’s supposed to be super moe or something.

And here we have the second character with two differently colored eyes! At least her eyes don’t clash as badly as Vivio’s does.

My Opinion:

I knew what I was getting myself into, and yet I decided to review this anime anyway. As expected, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on, because this series is obviously meant for fans of the Nanoha series, which I never watched. There are a ton of characters in just this one episode, who I’m probably supposed to be familiar with. Unfortunately, the only characters I really know of are Nanoha and Fate; so yes, this series is not at all meant for first-timers to this franchise.

That aside, why does all of Takuya’s Fujima’s works get such crappily animated animes? Seriously this anime looks like ass. It’s so jarring because Fujima has a pretty detailed art style. I think the only anime that came close to doing his art style justice was freaking Dog Days. But, as much as I love Fujima’s works, his writing and story-telling… isn’t that great. Now, I know he drew the art for the Vivid manga series, but I have no idea if he was in charge of the writing for that. That said, this entire first episode was painfully boring to watch. Nothing really happens, other than Vivio getting her magical transformation trinket. And what’s with all the Vivio praise? Her friends praise her, her older peers praise her, and she even gets called “your majesty” when she visits another planet? All of that, along with her differently colored eyes, makes her reek of Mary Sue-ness. It doesn’t help that her personality so far is just “bland nice girl.”

Also, that transformation sequence was… really squicky. I’ve seen past Nanoha transformation sequences, so I was expecting this. But still–seeing a ten year old girl’s clothes slowly get peeled off of her body, and then having her UNDERWEAR follow suit is just… it’s just gross.

Probably the only thing I liked about this series was Vivio’s family life. I know that having Nanoha and Fate as “a couple” is probably just catering to fanboys, but that’s actually really cute. I would be totally down for a slice-of-life anime featuring a kid with two moms. Vivio’s relationship with her mother(s) was also really cute. That scene with Nanoha and Vivio after Vivio transforms was actually really well done. Nanoha gently warns Vivio not to abuse her transformation powers and it just comes off as really sweet. I’M A SUCKER FOR WELL-WRITTEN MOTHER AND DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIPS OKAY.

Overall, this series was a bit boring for me, because I’m obviously not its target audience. I’m sure that fans of the Nanoha series would be happy to see all the familiar characters again, though. I just hope this series tones down the Vivio praising and has a bit more of a solid plot, because this first episode was really slow.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

*prays that there will someday be a well-written slice-of-life about a kid with two moms that isn’t super fanservicey or stupid*