I’m kinda breaking the rules a bit by blogging a sequel, and it won’t be my first, ooooh no. But SNAFU was one of my favourite animes from 2013, and I just had to go back and watch it.

So what’s so good about it? And furthermore, what’s this series all about?

It’s based on friendship, mostly. Hachiman is about as cynical as you could get from a protagonist of an anime. He’s assigned to a club known as the Volunteers club to help with his bad view on the world with the most popular girl in the school. They are joined by Yui, a peppy girl wanting to help all those around her. The show revolves around Hachiman and the crazy adventures with the club – it’s about as standard as you could get for a slice of life anime, but it stands out among the rest for its protag and fun plot. More importantly, as someone who can rip people a new one with the blatant truth of their being, it’s only natural that Hachiman ends up an outcast most of the time.

The end of the first season leads everyone in the school aside from the core members of the club to hating Hachiman for his blatant honesty. So, lets begin season 2, and see where it leads!

Sounds like the majority of what this series will entail to me.

Sounds like the majority of what this series will entail to me.

The story begins as it always did, with everyone going to the club room. The pretty boy of the series still gets a blush out of Hachiman, leading to most who have seen the series thinking he is bisexual. Wouldn’t surprise me.

A school trip is in the works, and Hachiman briefly states that they are like simulations for business trips, where everything is decided for you by your boss. I suppose he isn’t wrong there, having worked in an office job myself. It sucks when you can’t do as you please when the work is done.

The trip plan what things they would like to do in Kyoto, though at least this gets things back into a sense of normalcy. The two boys from season one come in to ask for advice on how to ask a girl out. Due to the events of season one, they’re both a little edgy around Hachiman. However, Yukino, the popular girl, scolds them when they ridicule him. They prepare to leave, but Tobe decides to state his case anyway, which leads to the plot of what looks like the next few episodes. I’m not sure I’m digging this so far, as it seems pretty boring, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hachiman, in pure Hachiman style, deduces the negatives that most people don’t think of. His skills at deduction on how to obtain positive results is one of the things I enjoyed the most about this series – sometimes it takes a cynical person to get the best results, at least in the contest of anime.

One thing they forget is that the girl in question is a complete Yaoi fangirl, and believes that Tobe and Hayato have a thing together. Why am I getting tumblr flashes in this section? Oi.

The trip begins, and boy did I get a laugh out of Hachiman’s man crush on Saika, the pretty boy, when they’re seated together on the bullet train, and Saika murmurs his name in his sleep. Is it just me, or is his crush more prominent in season two? Especially when boobs are shoved in his face, and Saika’s moe pose.

I'm almost hoping Hachiman hooks up with him.

I’m almost hoping Hachiman hooks up with him.

Exploring begins in an effort to hook the two potential love birds up, and they make a wish on the turning stone.

At the hotel later, Hachiman and Yukino update themselves before being dragged off by their teacher who wants to buy alcohol. A walk back to the hotel in the night shows a more tender side of Yukino, who doesn’t want anyone seeing them together walking home.

A great start to the sequel. Great animation and a good storyline progressing seamlessly from season 1.



Out of 5,