Now that’s certainly one of the more interesting variations on the ahoge phenomenon in anime.


A girl named Hibiki (whose mother has already died) has a sixth sense and can see spirits.  She has three good friends who put up with her despite this, though another girl in her class named Inoue absolutely hates occult stuff and tells her to cut it out.

SEE-THROUGH HAIR. I feel like I was just sent back to the 90s.

Despite it being obvious that Inoue is trying to distance herself from Hibiki and her creepiness, Hibiki still wishes to be friends with Inoue because they walk the same route home from school.  One day after school, Inoue sees Hibiki supposedly getting dragged off by ghosts and follows along.  Inoue and Hibiki end up in a park of sorts, and Hibiki claims that the ghost children have been asking her to play with them a lot lately.  Obviously, Inoue is unnerved by this.

To be honest if I was Inoue, I’d probably just get the hell out of there at that moment.

Hibiki then suddenly has to run off somewhere, leaving Inoue all alone as the sun sets.  While waiting for Hibiki, four young children approach Inoue and ask her to play with them.  Inoue refuses at first but eventually heeds their request, playing with the kids the rest of the afternoon.  Finally, Hibiki comes back with some treats for the ghost children—who Inoue had played with.  As the two girls continue walking back home, Inoue asks Hibiki why she isn’t bothered by her six sense.  Hibiki replies that she treasures her ability, because it allows her to form bonds—including the one she now has with Inoue.


My Opinion:

This was certainly an interesting series.  Its tone is obviously meant to be some sort of pleasant slice-of-life series, but it also manages to be very unsettling to watch at times; because this series often does not turn the ghosts into cutesy moe characters.  In the first four or so minutes of the episode, you get a glimpse at an utterly terrifying ghost child in its full glory, which really sets the atmosphere for the rest of the episode.

Even though this episode is somewhat unnerving to watch (especially if you’re super afraid of ghosts), it also managed to be very sweet at times.  Hibiki making a handkerchief for a bathroom ghost, and that scene where Inoue played with the ghost children was really cute to watch.

Hibiki so far is sort of a bland nice girl, but since she’s hounded so much by ghosts and yet still manages to stay a nice girl, that characterization comes off as sort of admirable.  Hibiki’s three established friends don’t have too much personality yet, but it’s really kind of them to still stay friends with Hibiki despite her situation.  And then there’s Inoue, the tsundere.  She’s okay so far; and actually not as annoying as tsunderes tend to be in anime.  Inoue’s hinted to also have some sort of sixth sense, so I’m really looking forward to seeing Inoue and Hibiki bond over that.

One of the main things I have to criticize this episode for was the really weirdly misplaced humor.  Some of the ghost-related gags were good (the one with the bathroom ghost actually did make me smile), but most of them felt a bit… out of place?  Like that perverted cat.  Re-kan, you are already going the “somewhat pleasant” and “somewhat creepy” route; so you don’t need out-of-place slapstick comedy also.  Another thing I have to criticize is the backgrounds.  The animation for this series is average, but the backgrounds are mostly 3D/CGI and it just… clashes pretty badly at times with the characters.

Overall, a rather interesting series, though not in a bad way.  If you have a crippling fear of ghosts, DO NOT WATCH THIS.  I don’t have that fear and even I was feeling kind of creeped out at certain points.  I’m really considering this to review for the spring season but… Well, I’ve actually been suffering pretty badly from anxiety as of late, and I don’t know if I can handle this sort of subtle creepiness.  But we’ll see I guess.  You guys know by now that this sort of oddball anime is what I live to blog about.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

You wouldn’t think “pleasant slice-of-life” and “creepy” would work together but somehow it does!