Welcome to THE FUTURE!


Tohru is a teenage boy living in a futuristic world, trying his best to blend in with the crowd and not stick out, because he believes that people who stick out end up getting eliminated.  He is friends with a girl named Kyoka.  They are both the most skilled (paintball) gun users in their class.

Expect to hear like three different variations from Tohru about this throughout the whole episode.

One day, Tohru wakes up from an unsettling nightmare involving a little girl disappearing, and what appears to be a person who looks just like him.  On his way to school, there are numerous rumors about people suddenly disappearing into thin air.  After a typical day of school, walking home with Kyoka; Tohru spies a girl who looks just like the one in his dream.  He chases after her into a rundown part of the city, and ends up falling… into the past?

In this world, there are numerous people fighting each other with all sorts of guns.  Kyoka, who ended up following Tohru, also falls into this world.  The two of them don’t have much time to catch their breath, as they are soon being preyed upon by an extremely skilled gun user—who turns out to be Tohru?!

That feel when you see your alternate evil self

My Opinion:

This anime seems like it has the potential to be interesting, but I can’t really be bothered with it.  Gun-fighting isn’t really my thing.  Plus this series is unfortunately giving me Guilty Crown vibes, in that it stars a male lead who’s overly “philosophical” and also the series seems to be trying way too hard to be “deep and edgy.”

Not much has been revealed in this episode story-wise, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  However, what I really dislike is passive-aggressive atmosphere everyone seems to have towards each other (barring Tohru and Kyoka).  There’s a really painfully forced rivalry between Tohru and Kyouma (Kyoka’s older bro) just because… Kyouma doesn’t like that his sister’s crushing on Tohru?  And also there’s a badly forced rivalry between Kyoka and Shizune (who appears to be a lot younger and yet is in the same class as Kyoka???) simply because Shizune seems obsessed with Kyouma and she… doesn’t like that Kyouma cares so much about his sister???  I don’t even know, but it was annoying.

The animation was pretty good for the most part, but there was one specific scene where Tohru’s and Kyoka’s faces went really off-model.  Other than that, the action scenes are really well done and suitably dramatic enough.

Overall, this isn’t a bad series, but I just can’t care about it.  All the future stuff is really cool, but I pretty much lost interest the moment Tohru started talking about sheep.  He was basically rambling about the fact that people are sheep and those who stick out get eaten… and then he hopes that he’s a fluffy sheep.  What the f.  Someone wrote this.  Someone wrote down this line, for a voice actor to read, and went, “yeah that totally doesn’t sound cheesy at all.”  Also, this series needs to learn some subtlety, because they’re really overusing the crows a bit there.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Kyoka is cute but she reminds me far too much of Inori (from Guilty Crown) than I am comfortable with.