Finally, my last First Impression of the spring season!

This cap is from the rather lovely opening.


Yamada Ryu is well-known delinquent at his high school, never bothering to try hard in classes and always getting into fights.  One day, after falling down the stairs on top of the honor student Shiraishi Urara, the two switch bodies.  Yamada is forced to spend the whole school day as a girl, and quickly finds out that Shiraishi may be an honor student but her life is far from perfect.  The two manage to return to their original bodies after kissing.


To be honest I would totally be down for more delinquent girls in anime, if they’re portrayed like this.

Unfortunately, this body switching is quickly found out by Miyamura, who runs the school’s “Supernatural Studies Club.”  And surprisingly, it is actually Yamada who seems to hold the body switching power…

For a delinquent, Yamada is surprisingly moe.

Is Shiraishi secretly a yaoi fangirl?

My Opinion:

This actually isn’t too cringe-worthy of an episode, despite the premise being old hat and prone to tons of fanservice.  Yes, there was a scene of Yamada-in-Shiraishi’s body groping her boobs, and… checking out her body in the bathroom.  But at least this series seems to have “equal-opportunity” fanservice in that it’s implied that Shiraishi also took a look at Yamada’s uh… private parts, and also Yamada ends up kissing Miyamura towards the end.  …So yeah!

Those scenes are actually pretty brief compared to the rest of the episode, which largely dealt with the trouble that Shiraishi goes through.  Although she’s an honor student who’s loved by her teachers, she’s often hit upon by creepy dudes and also has a bunch of female bullies who envy her popularity.  The scene where Yamada-in-Shiraishi’s body is able to scare of one of these bullies was actually rather sweet.

Although I dismissed Yamada as your typical shonen delinquent type character, he’s actually shown to have a kind side to him.  And he can also be incredibly “moe” at times.  Yes, even when he’s in his regular body.  Shiraishi is also a fairly interesting character.  She goes through a lot of crap from her peers but she still’s able to stay strong and focus on her studies.

The only thing that made me groan is the introduction of the “this club needs X number of members to stay alive” cliché.  But at least in this case it works well in the context of the story.  That said; Miyamura is also a rather fascinating character.  I don’t really like his self-important personality, but he was able to deduce what was going on pretty damn quickly.

Overall, a pretty decent series.  Not as clichéd or dull as you would expect from the series summary, but this still isn’t really my sort of thing.  Taking a peak at the wiki (which contains tons of spoilers, fair warning) this series seems set to become A LOT more complicated.  I kinda just want to blog something fun and simple this season, so I’m going to have to pass on this series.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

The ending theme for this series is also rather lovely.