When I rewatched this, I really want to know what's going on here.

When I rewatched this, I really want to know what’s going on here.

With an ominous start, one would think this anime going in another direction than it really does.

We follow the tale of Eruna Ichinomiya, a female Naruto clone as she chooses to go to college. She applies for Mikagura Private Academy for their cute uniforms, as recommended by her cousin. She soon discovers that this isn’t a standard academy, and that each student has powers according to the club they are part of. Our main heroine, followed around by a flying cat, struggles to find a club to join, until the granddaughter of the headmistress, Seisa Mikagura, invites her to her own personal club.

A constant fantasy.

A constant fantasy.

My first thoughts going into this show blind was, from the opening, it might be something rather epic. Well, it was still not a bad first episode in that I’m certainly hooked, but epic isn’t something I’d call it. Yet.

But yes, the best way to describe the main female lead is a horny Naruto. Same hyper energy, same optimistic outlook on the world, only thing is replacing Naruto’s emo is perversion. Though, I must admit, despite it not being my cup of tea, having an outright lesbian lead is something of a refreshing change from the norm.

Not to mention, it seems like she gets a kick out of the Ero Games designed for men originally. Not sure how that works with the sex scenes and all, but eh, whatever floats your boat.

Not sure how I feel about her weirdass leggings but eh

Not sure how I feel about her weirdass leggings but eh

I guess what hooked me was the fact that despite the very weird start, the animation is great, the characters are pretty unique on their own. I can see a few tropes used but overall, Eruna herself is something I have not seen before from a female lead in…. ever.

Aside from setting the scene (distracted, though, by Eruna’s hyperactive imagination which is tied to games) we have the rules of the academy explained. Being in a club is everything to the school, from meals to sleeping arrangements to shower time use. I’m curious to see that, since Eruna was invited to the very prestigious ‘going away’ club, what kind of privileges she will receive.

The premise of the show is certainly very curious. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but I certainly want to see episode two! (I might even read the manga)

Out of 5,

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