Hey. Hey Moe. Look.

Hey. Hey Moe. Look.

One of the best parts about DxD is that they don’t skimp on the plot, and it makes every episode super exciting.

We meet Rias’ mother this time around, and now we can see where she got her rack from (lol). Each of the team goes into a 20 day training with different training partners, or for self reflection. We meet Akeno’s father, who looks quite a bit nicer than I would’ve thought, and then a dinner party is held for the young leaders of the different demon clans. Koneko’s issues also overlay through the episode, where it’s finally revealed that she’s actually a cat spirit/sage turned demon. She leaves the gathering to find her older sister, of whom we glimpsed at last episode.

Rias' dad is hot. Just sayin'

Rias’ dad is hot. Just sayin’

There were so many things I loved about this episode. The lack of focus on the boobs is always nice, but of course, it’s an ecchi, so there is some through there. The torrent I got was censored, oddly, when it’s normally aired uncensored. Ah well – I can live without nipples 😛

I especially liked that a large dragon was in charge of Issei’s training, to be honest. Mostly because I love dragons, but also the absurdity of it. It’s just so much fun to see a tiny human get trained by a dragon probably about 30 times his height.

Akeno is trained by her fallen angel father, much to her disgust. I have to admit, I’m curious how that plays out.

Dat dragon

Dat dragon

Kiba is given an unknown teacher (at present) to teach him swordsmanship, whom I’m curious about. Asia and Xenovia are given solo training, as is Koneko.

Casper gets socialisation training (I can’t help but think of feral cats here) and of course, Koneko is ordered to release her ‘hidden’ powers.

Now, I’ve known that Koneko was a cat demon for some time due to reading the light novels, so it’s so cute to see her reveal her true form here, with cat ears and a tail. I’m looking forward to seeing her powers animated, as I haven’t quite read that far yet.

D'awww she looks so cute with ears.

D’awww she looks so cute with ears.

Skipping ahead to the party in which the demons from other clans come to (including Issei’s observer, Sairaorg Bael, the ‘strongest young demon’ ) I was very amused and found it very adorable that Riser’s sister from series 1, Ravel, has a bit of a crush on our young man, and now acts as a ‘free bishop’ that no longer serves her brother.

It’s so nice to see a tsundere portrayed properly as not, well, a giant bitch. I was squeeing to Moe about it as I watched it the first time.



It’s also nice to see the girls in beautiful evening gowns. It’s one of the things I’ve always enjoyed about DxD – the girls don’t look TRASHY – they look really beautiful.

All in all, I’m really pleased to be blogging this series. I just love every moment. It’s rare to have an anime that will make me squee AND laugh out loud in the same width of time.

Out of 5,