In the end I couldn’t resist these adorable characters. …Plus in the space between me seeing episode 1 and now I’ve successfully gotten the game running on my phone and am now addicted. This may be a 24 minute multi-episode commercial for a game, but hey, it worked.

You mean these Jrocker guys are actually all giant losers and aren’t cool at all? These are my kinda characters.

Cyan is trying, gradually, to get used to the fact that she’s now living in the colourful world of music animals. Her bandmates in Plasmagica are all really happy that she’s around, though, and the sheer joy of them appreciating her musical talents is enough to make her want to stay. However, Plasmagica is not the only band in this agency – they share the building with the Visual-Kei style band Shingancrimsonz. This group of boys try to act cool but are really a bunch of idiots that continually fight amongst themselves over ridiculous things, with only their more mature drummer (who has a job on the side) to keep them in line. Like Plasmagica, they want to make it big and be as popular (or more) than Trichonika.
Luckily for them, they get a gig in this episode – as the opening act for Trichonika’s latest concert. The Plasmagica crew trail along to see their performance, and it serves as another nice little tutorial for Cyan on what the ‘melodisian stone’ is. It’s basically a crystal composed of sound energy that the ‘myumons’ have, which resonates with the audience. If exposed to dark energy, however, it can become corrupted.

Cyan also gets some time to talk with Strawberry Heart – the guitar that seemingly brought her into MidiCity. It (he?) tells her that she had been chosen out of the players to help defend their world, which is apparently on the brink of crisis. Are Sanrio trying to tell us that if we play the Show By Rock!! game there’s a 0.0000001% chance that we’ll be teleported inside it? Whatever works I guess.

I love how much the idolize their drummer for having a job.


what the hell retoree

Well, I’m converted. Show By Rock!! has succeeded where Love Live failed by hooking me with the second episode and making me want merchandise of everyone. There’s a nagging feeling in my mind that the show literally only exists to sell merchandise and I’ve just been ensnared by Sanrio and that I should maybe even feel guilty for enjoying this ridiculous show as much as I am…but I honestly don’t care. I’m having too much fun here, and it’s nice to have another brainless, fun show that looks real good to boot. But enough with me trying to justify liking this.

Episode two of Show By Rock!! is your pretty standard second anime episode – it gives the main character some explanation as to what on earth happened in the first episode an introduces us properly to the main characters. Of the Plasmagica girls, I think I already like Retoree the best. She’s a tsundere golden retriever (hence her name) who sits on the internet most of the day, is socially awkward and already super mega gay for Cyan, so there’s a lot for me to like about her. And I say tsundere, but not one of the terrible anger-management-issues ones there are too many of anime nowadays. Maybe she’s more awkwardere than tsundere. Is that a thing? I also really like Moa – who is revealed in this episode to not be merely just a sheep, but an alien sheep…although this is a secret she’s keeping from the rest. It implies that she’s not from this world either, but whether this will actually be relevant in the plot, who knows. I like her design a lot but to be honest it kind of throws me off that her human form is light-skinned and her myumon form is a black-faced sheep. I feel like she should be either white-faced as a sheep or dark-skinned as a sheep-girl – although I’ll probably get used to it. As for Chuchu, she so far is the least interesting of the group, being more ‘pleasantly bland’ than anything else, although given that it’s only the second episode I should probably wait and see on that. She’s definitely overshadowed by the other characters in both Plasmagica and Shingancrimsonz – the Shingancrimsonz guys actually almost overshadow every one else in this episode. They’re really fun characters, albeit complete idiots, and I like how little the show takes their cheesy Visual-kei chuunibyou nonsense seriously. I’m already liking Yaiba, the glasses-wearing foxboy the best, because he’s probably the lamest.

Shingancrimsonz gets a 3D cgi performance in this episode like Trichonika did before. It’s cheesy, but kind of fun to watch. This show/game actually has a surprising diversity to its music, which spans a generous amount of genres. I’m not sure how many will perform in the anime – hell, I’m still not even sure how this show is going to extend a plot for 13 or so episodes. The talking guitar hints at something vaguely dark, but there was no danger or monsters in this episode. I’m full aware that this plot is going to be dumb as hell but if it keeps up its silly sense of humour, it’s sure to be a fun and colourful ride.

MidiCity is really, really cool looking.

It would have been nice as a cap of all 4 of them, but since it was a pan I had to cut off poor Chuchu there.

I didn’t expect to like these guys half as much as I did.

Out of 5,