Alright, I’ve decided on what two series I’m going to be blogging for the spring anime season.  The first series is Pleiades, and the second one is this; Etotama.  The review for this series is out first because I watched it first to see if I still wanted to continue reviewing it.  Next week (and onwards), Pleiades will be done first because that one comes out earlier in the week.

Don’t you hate it when you wake up one morning and suddenly find yourself with an unwanted harem?


In the time gap between episode 1 and 2, Takeru’s house has somehow been magically repaired, and also he’s now living with 13 girls, 12 of which are Eto-shin (members of the Chinese zodiac).  Some of the more helpful Eto-shin members slowly explain to Takeru just what’s going on.  Nya-tan apparently has some sort of amnesia, and can’t remember her original personality or who she is.  Also, there is apparently some sort of competition going on, called ETM12.  It’s basically a designated time period every 60 years where a normal Eto-musume (like Nya-tan) can go up the ranks to become an Eto-shin.  But the catch is that Nya-tan has to challenge all 12 Eto-shin members and get their animal seals to achieve this.

Nya-tan that’s mean.

That’s what you get for being the designated main character.

Also, being a normal Eto-musume, Nya-tan is more heavily reliant on Takeru for sol/lull energy than any of the others.  Since the other 12 are already Eto-shin, they’re already believed and worshipped by humans, so they just gain energy naturally.  As the day goes on, Nya-tan eventually gets challenged by Mo-tan, the cow zodiac.  This time, instead of a fight, Mo-tan (who seems to be Nya-tan’s crazy stalker) just tasks Nya-tan with protecting her socks for three minutes.  Because Mo-tan… really likes used socks.  Through some cleverness, Nya-tan manages to defeat Mo-tan and gains her first animal seal.

The series calls these forms “pretty form.”

Although everyone celebrates, Piyo-tan and Uma-tan share some ominous news with each other.  Chu-tan (the rat zodiac) has apparently beaten all the Eto-musume back in their world.  It’s only a matter of time before she sets her sights on them.

Mo-tan’s arena isn’t as pretty as Dora’s was. I’m hoping we get to see Dora’s again sometime in the future.

My Opinion:

This series continues to be dumb and silly, and I continue to somehow enjoy it.  Hey, it’s fun!

This episode is basically one giant info-dump episode, but it’s very much welcomed after the information overload last time.  Since things are being explained to Takeru, the normal person, it’s also a little less badly forced than in other series.  The whole “Nya-tan has amnesia” bit still feels utterly clichéd but hopefully there’s a good reason for that later on; which I’m guessing will be because of Chu-tan.

We get a slightly more proper introduction to the 12 Eto-shin this episode.  Despite Nya-tan not being an Eto-shin, the others are surprisingly chummy with her, which I guess is sort of sweet.  I gotta say, I really was not expecting those types of personalities for the two Eto-shin who were showcased this episode.  Piyo-tan (the rooster) is literally a birdbrain and forgets things after taking THREE STEPS.  Meanwhile, Mo-tan is an Engrish spouting cowgirl who’s scarily obsessed with Nya-tan for some reason.

The fight this time is a little less impressive than last time, since Nya-tan spent most of the time running away from Mo-tan.  But it was a nice way to show off Nya-tan’s cleverness.

Overall, I found this to be a much more entertaining episode, because the pacing was better.  The characters also interacted with each other more, which I found to be nice.  The fanservice is still unnecessary, and the humor is somewhat bizarre.  But basically, if you’re already watching this, you’ll probably like it.  If you found the first episode off-putting, then you probably won’t like it.  Me, I’ll keep on watching this until the end.

Out of five:

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Snake lady is still arguably the best though.