We usually don’t do too many trading figure reviews on here, but I figured I might as well do a mini-review of these lovelies I got a few days ago because they’re relatively new and it’s something slightly different for the blog.  Trying to experiment with picture-taking so apologies in advance for crappy-looking photos.

Our three heroines! (From left to right, Cure Twinkle, Cure Flora, and Cure Mermaid)

For those unfamiliar with the Precure series, it is a long running magical girl series created by Toei, up to its 11th season by now.  Barring some installments, each season is basically its own standalone and self-contained story.  This season, Precure features a trio of magical girls, and the theme is “princesses.”

So, about the figure set I got.  This was actually a web exclusive set I got on Amiami, with preorders opening up in January and orders shipping out in April.  Every year, to coincide with the new season, toy company Bandai creates a new set of candy toy figurines featuring the main characters of the current Precure season.  Generally, you’d have to order a ten-box set on Amiami if you wanted the full set.  Since there are only ever three different figures in each set, that means you’ll get a ton of repeats and extra figures each time.  In the past, I’ve seen people split up sets on tumblr to offset the cost.  But Amiami was nice enough this time around to simply sell the three different figures as one single set, so that anyone who wanted the figures didn’t have to spend extra money on unwanted extra figures.

This is the box all the figures come in. Very neatly packed and relatively small.

Here’s what the three boxes look like. You’ll probably noticed that Cure Flora’s box is opened already, because I got impatient and started opening her up before I realized I should have taken photos, whoops.

Sample box contents!

You can see an example above of what it the figure looks like/comes with straight out of its box.  Since these are generally marketed towards kids, there’s not too much assembly.  Interestingly, only Cure Flora and Cure Mermaid were split at the waist.  Cure Twinkle’s figure came out of the box fully intact.  Also note the small white square in the above picture—that’s a small piece of gum.  These are “candy toys” after all, even if people generally buy them for the figures and not the gum.  I… didn’t actually dare eat the gum because I’m not that brave; but I’ve heard people describe it as tasting “sugary.”

Cure Flora! She’s a real cutie. As a note, all the figures look better in real life than they do in pictures.

I love that the support stand looks like it’s just holding up her hair, haha.

I’ll start with an in-depth analysis of Cure Flora first, which is fitting considering she’s the leader of the group.  Although I wasn’t too thrilled with her design at first, I’ve grown to like it, and I think it’s replicated pretty well in figure form.  She amazingly has three different shades of pink on her, which I think is pretty detailed for such a small and relatively cheap figure.  I absolutely love the frills in her dress, and the way it flows behind her.  There are some small white paint flecks here and there but it’s not too noticeable unless you look closely.  Not too many complaints here.

Cure Mermaid’s pose is probably my favorite out of the three.

Cure Mermaid’s hair apparently also needs support.

Next up, Cure Mermaid.  She’s uh, arguably the “worst looking” one of the lot.  I mean, her figure design itself isn’t bad, but her blue paint really bleeds everywhere.  It’s really noticeable in the pink parts on her outfit.  That said, she probably has the most complicated outfit out of the three so it’s somewhat understandable for her paintjob to be a little sloppier.  Other than the paint, she’s still a pretty decent looking figure.  She’s got a really elegant pose going on, and I really love the way her hair and the tail of her dress are posed.  It makes her look very dynamic.  I also really like how her four ahoge stick out of her head—it’s really cute.

…Those pigtails really do not look too flattering on Cure Twinkle, I’m afraid.

She also doesn’t have as much of a hair gradient as the other two.

Last is Cure Twinkle.  She’s actually my favorite of out of all the Cures personality-wise, but figure wise… she seems a little boring to me?  Her pose is cute and fitting enough, but I don’t know, something seems lacking when compared with the other two.  It’s probably because her outfit is relatively “simple” and it isn’t really flowy like Cure Flora’s and Cure Mermaid’s dresses.  And that shade of orange for her hair just looks very unflattering.  Ah well, at least her paint job is pretty clean, and her hair admittedly looks way better in figure form than it does in the anime.

Overall, these are a pretty cute bunch of figures, if you’re fans of the Go Princess Precure series.  Sadly, pre-orders for these figures usually open before the show has even aired, and quickly sell out afterwards; meaning that you’d usually have to just order these figures on a whim.  Still, I hope Amiami continues to sell web-exclusive bundles like this, for those of us who want the figures but can’t be bothered to buy in bulk.  They’re not bad looking for what they are, and are relatively inexpensive and make for nice display items.

I’d rate this set, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2