Highschool DxD BorN – 3

Gotta admit, she's cute.
Gotta admit, she’s cute.

Looks like Issei ain’t getting a member to his harem any time soon, but man did we get some progress this episode with Koneko!

Kuroka continues to demand her sister’s return, but Rias isn’t having any of it. Her, Issei and Koneko’s disappearance doesn’t go unnoticed back at the party, in which we meet Odin, the leader of Norse Mythology who wishes to join the peace pact with the demons, angels and fallen angels. He brings with him Rossweisse, a crybaby and way too serious Valkyrie. Michael and Irina visit as well to officially sign the agreement, but are interrupted by Loki, who protests the agreement. He brings out Fenrir to fight in his place.

Odin looks pretty awesome, gotta admit.
Odin looks pretty awesome, gotta admit.

Bikou (Son Goku’s descendent/reincarnation) fights Tannin while Issei, Rias and Koneko go against Kuroka. Issei discovers that he is able to upgrade his Boosted Gear in two directions – a powerup or going to Balance Breaker, which he wished to achieve. However, it requires a catalyst of great emotional power. In typical ecchi style, this happens to be poking Rias in the nipples, which he does. The upgrade is successful and he is able to cause the two enemies to fall back for now.

This interpretation of Loki is interesting. Gotta love his anime hair. :P
This interpretation of Loki is interesting. Gotta love his anime hair. 😛

Loki is teleported by Beelzebub to another far away land, effectively driving him off, and Koneko feels much better, and is resolved to grow stronger.

This episode kind of let me down a bit, though that’s only because I was kind of expecting Koneko to unleash her Sage arts to defend her friends. But that’s probably my only complaint – everything else captured my interest extremely, from Loki to Issei’s power up.

Poor Koneko ;;
Poor Koneko ;;

I liked how they designed Odin and Loki, too. They stayed true to the aspects of their legends, which made me happy. The introduction to Beelzebub was awesome, too – and seeing him in action briefly. Definitely want more of that.

Holy lightning seems to be both blue and yellow.
Holy lightning seems to be both blue and yellow.

Akeno’s father defending Akeno, as well, showed off the difference between his ‘holy lightening’ and Akeno’s own normal lightning. I look forward to the day the hopefully reconcile.

I’m not really digging Rossweisse yet, but from the episode preview, looks like her moment to shine will be next episode, of which I’ll be interested to see. It’s been strongly hinted that she at least goes to Issei’s town to hang about, so I’m hoping that she gets some decent development this season.

I had to admit – I laughed like a loon at Issei agonising over which nipple he should poke to get his power up. The man has got to be the most stupidly passionate idiot over boobs I’ve ever known (and is actually nice about it, in other words, asks permission.) His Balance Breaker was fantastic, which is another aspect I’m looking forward to. I’m curious if he can now achieve it at will or not – I guess only time will tell!

Scale Maaaaillll
Scale Maaaaillll

The reference to Dragonball Z didn’t slip passed me either, with Kuroka commenting that ‘Son Goku and a dragon’ were a perfect match in his fight with Tannin.

Seeing the sage arts in action was also really awesome, and it’ll be great to see Koneko using her own brand of them someday, as hinted in the OP.

Overall, the episode got the plot for this season off to a great start. It’ll be fantastic to see where it goes from here, and who else we’ll see in action.

And a happy girl she makes. :)
And a happy girl she makes. 🙂

Out of 5,


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