Just a typical day at the club room.


Although the girls were able to snag one engine fragment, their next attempts are unsuccessful due to the constant intervention of the red-haired boy with horns.  Dejected, the girls sulk in their club room.  President explains to the girls that he had to use a massive amount of magical energy in order to have their fate lines line up in a way that they could all be together like this; and says that they all hold a great power because they are essentially blank slates.  However, the girls take this as an insult and Subaru goes home depressed.

Subaru’s parents. I wonder if we can see the other girls’ parents someday too?

The next day, Subaru finds her way back into the magical garden, and has yet another talk with Minato.  Feeling somewhat better after the talk, Subaru rushes into the club room, where the girls have found the location of the next fragment.  This time, it’s going to land over the sea.  The girls rush to the spot and manage to secure the fragment, but the horned boy once again intervenes.  In the ensuing “fight” the fragment gets dropped into the ocean, where the girls have to fish it out.  Cue another fight afterwards, creating a large waterspout.  The struggle to secure the fragment then creates a large watery explosion, propelling everyone into space.

Subaru’s and Itsuki’s flight practice.

A beach episode… IN SPACE!

Above the earth, the horned boy demands the fragment, but Subaru’s determination causes him retreat.  Thus, the girls have finally secured another fragment!  As they float back down to earth, the girls realize what the President’s words actually meant: because they are still searching for their paths in life, they all essentially have unlimited potential.

The space/starry sky scenery in this series is still as lovely as ever.

My Opinion:

This was a good episode.  Much more tense and action packed than the previous one, with much more of an emphasis on the struggle of securing a fragment.  Itsuki also gets to shine a bit this time, and some of the girls’ other powers are revealed.  This was also essentially a beach episode, as the girls appeared in swimsuits for a bit.  I know that was played for fanservice, but it thankfully wasn’t too cringe worthy to watch.

I’m really interested in President’s origins, as well as “horned boy who is totally not Minato.”  Even though it was a lot to take in, President’s speech at the beginning hints that President actually has the power to somewhat alter a person’s fate.  After all, this was the power that he used to bring all the girls together.  And Minato… just who is he?  Where did he come from?  He’s obviously after the fragments, but why bother being so kind of Subaru when he’s so antagonistic in his alter-form?  Actually, now that I think about it, the series seems set up for some sort of dramatic betrayal down the line, with Minato abusing his relationship with Subaru to steal away the fragments or something.  I really hope that doesn’t happen, but the flags are certainly there…

Overall, I enjoyed this episode.  Subaru’s angsting might get a bit annoying, but you do have to remember that she’s going through those teenage years when everything is confusing and emotions run high.  It seems like all the girls are becoming really good friends, which is nice to see.  The animation wasn’t too bad this episode either.  Next episode seems to focus on Hikaru and her inner demons, which I’m definitely looking forward to.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2and 1/2

This is more fanservicey than I was expecting from this series, but it’s still a lovely drawing. Hikaru better get the eyecatch spotlight next time, as it’s practically her episode.