Massive spoilers this time around!  You’ve been warned!  (I wish I was joking… sob)

Nya-tan continues be borderline annoying in this episode, but I’m starting to warm up to her a bit.


Anyway, Nya-tan now has a house-like structure built onto Takeru’s house, and wants to go shopping for furniture.  Since the house is out of sesame oil, Takeru and Uri-tan tag along too.  While shopping, Nya-tan realizes she doesn’t have money, and so goes over to the maid café that the rest of the Eto-shin run.  Why are what are essentially gods running a maid café?  Because money.

Just when you thought this anime couldn’t get any dumber…

Nya-tan gets promptly kicked out because she was a part-timer there who kept skimping out on work.  However, she still manages to buy some nice furniture for her place due to Uri-tan’s haggling skills.  Things quickly take a turn for the dark when Chu-tan makes her appearance in front of Nya-tan, vowing to kill all cat eto-musume.  Dora and Shima-tan arrive on the scene in an attempt to protect Nya-tan, but Nya-tan still foolishly challenges Chu-tan to a battle.

Nya-tan… you fucked up.

Thus, a match is set, and the condition this time is a fight to the death.  As to be expected, Nya-tan gets dangerously beaten up; and Uri-tan attempts to intervene because she can’t bear to see her friend getting hurt like this.  This results in Uri-tan taking a hit that was meant for Nya-tan, and the match is disqualified due to outside intervention.  Dora quickly warps everyone back to Takeru’s house.  Unfortunately, Uri took a fatal hit, and perishes…

Uri’s pretty form is the cutest, definitely. Too bad the ending of this episode happened…

NOOoooo I mean she wasn’t even my favorite character but NOOOOOOOOOOO

My Opinion:


Now that has got to be the most jarring turn I’ve ever seen a series take.  I mean, there were hints surrounding Chu-tan’s appearances that the series would get somewhat dark, but I wasn’t expecting… THIS!  It’s Madoka all over again isn’t it?  Dear god.  (Now let’s pray that Pleiades doesn’t take the same route, although everyone is still okay by episode 3 so I don’t think I have much to worry about)

I’m just… flabbergasted.  This episode started out really dumb and kinda boring: Nya-tan wants furniture, there’s a maid café where they all work at (wth), the manager is literally a star (it doesn’t make much more sense in context…), and then the battle with Chu-tan happens and Uri-tan just gets killed off… for real!  I didn’t think the series would have the balls to do that…  And I definitely wasn’t expecting any character deaths from a series that was this dumb.  Though in hindsight, maybe that was the point?  To make this series as dumb as possible so that you can’t even see the big twist coming?  Now that we have our first death of the series, I’m definitely going to be more wary of future episodes.  The next episode preview hints that this series isn’t going to be ditching the gag-comedy aspect completely, but I do have to wonder how well they can balance the dumb and dark tones of the story.  I mean, Violinist of Hameln did it pretty well (and that can be a freaking DARK series at times), so I’m hoping Etotama can pull it off too.

As expected, there are a lot of mixed reactions to this episode.  Some became more interested due to more plot happening, some felt that Uri’s death was cheap and unfitting for the tone of the series, and most (myself included) are just in a state of shock.  A bit more was revealed about Nya-tan’s past this episode.  Despite it being said in folklore that it was the rat who tricked the cat out of becoming part of the zodiac, it is surprisingly Chu-tan that has a thirst for revenge against Nya-tan.  Apparently the cat clan did something unforgiveable to Chu-tan’s rat clan or something?  Since cats are often portrayed to eat mice/rats in real life, I think I can guess at the reason why Chu-tan hates Nya with a burning passion…  Chu’s comments also seem to hint that Nya was reincarnated, which should be an interesting plot point.  Perhaps Uri can be reincarnated too?  (Assuming Nya actually was reincarnated and didn’t just miraculously survive in the past due to luck or something)

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this episode.  While I always welcome more plot, I really did not expect (nor want) the series to be this dark.  It was an amazing twist, but honestly, I was perfectly happy with the series being centered around the Zodiac characters’ dumb shenanigans.  With Uri’s death, it’s pretty much to be expected at this point that more characters will die.  You know, if they end up pulling an “everyone gets revived!” trope at the end of this series, I’d actually welcome it.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2and 1/2

Have something calming to distract from the sheer shock this episode caused.