Retoree gives me strength in times of darkness.

The Plasmagica girls are finally now starting to become good friends, and Retoree has just the ticket to get them all to bond some more – literally – she has tickets to a performance of the legendary group Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan, of which both she and Moa are huge fans. Hailing from ‘The Far East’, these three girls have been taking MidiCity by storm with their unique style and ‘enkapop’ style music. The Plasmagica girls are inspired by the performance and believe that they should work on having a unique style and look themselves, as that is presumably where the road to popularity lies.
But their attempts at being ‘unique’ are limited to cliche cosplay outfits, and their idea greatly angers Rom, who seems to take personal offense at the idea of seeking popularity over musical quality.
Meanwhile, Moa has been touched by Tsurezurenaru’s music in a different way – she recognizes the love for one’s distant homeland in their lyrics, and it begins to make her homesick for her home-planet.

I can not stress enough how much I adore the background aesthetic.

I really like her design, too.

This song was actually quite similar to Senbonzakura I thought.

Before Show By Rock!! aired and there were a bunch of pictures of the characters around, I was really interested in Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan (whew) and was looking forward to seeing them. They didn’t disappoint! I love their character designs and aesthetic, and their song was nice to boot. ‘The Far East’ is clearly Japan, although I’m not sure if it’s an alternate Japan or the same one that Cyan is from. Sure, they’re myumons…but so is Cyan, now. I wonder if they’ll ever dwell more on this? I was expecting Cyan to react to how obviously Japanese everything about them is, but she didn’t…which is a missed opportunity for the writers in my opinion.

There was a little more fanservice than usual in this episode due to a cosplay montage, but not enough to be grating to me. While the montage was  a handy way to put the girls into some revealing/fetishy outfits, I kind of liked the overall purpose it had in demonstrating that merely donning these outfits wasn’t going to make them unique and original (in fact, the outfits, perhaps intentionally, were all pretty cliche, and their regular clothes are more unique).  There’s a good lesson in here about trying to copy others instead of succeeding with your own strengths, something Rom was clearly very crictical of. It allows us a brief glimpse into his past – one that revealed that he and Syuzo used to be in the same band. Something must have happened that set Syuzo on the path to glittery idol stardom and Rom to being relatively unknown, but we don’t really get to know what it is yet. Although it is implied, however slightly, that Syuzo’s exuberant and kind-hearted stage-personality may be at least a little bit fake. Granted, it’s kind of hard to take Syuzu seriously when his outfit looks like that and he blinks stars.

Retoree may have gotten some focus in the last episode – and she does get a little bit here (it was so nice to see her opening up to her friends and awkwardly offering them tickets daaaw), but it looks like it’s Moa’s turn. Most of the attention given to her is not really made the focal point until the end of the episode, though – there’s a lot of hints in her reactions to and interactions with Tsurezurenaru that she admires their love from their far-off homeland. Given her teary confession to herself at the end that she wants to go home but doesn’t want to leave, it’s at least confirmed that she does think of Plasmagica as friends rather than research subjects. I’m guessing that she’s going to take inspiration from Tsurezurenaru and make a song about her feelings for her homeplanet, but she’ll probably have to admit the truth to the others first. I’m interested to see who will admit to being an ‘alien’ first – her or Cyan.

The weird, ‘still in the background’ plot is vaguely addressed again – the rival music agency seems to be in on whatever conspiracy is going down, and there’s a lot of cliche references to Cyan as ‘That Girl’. But other than that, still nothing, and I still don’t really care, because I’m finding all the quirks and character relationships of these cute animal people a lot more interesting and fun.

The episode itself had a lot of different things in it and kind of lacked a clear focal point, but it was still an enjoyable one. Plus, I actually laughed out loud at the ShinganCrimsonZ boys singing about ramen as they rendered all theirs completely inedible with excess seasoning. I thought that Rom was the mature one, but I guess they’re all idiots. I love them.

I didn’t realize how ridiculous Shuzo’s tail was until now.


Aww, Moa. She’s even more homesick than Cyan.

Out of 5,