Takeru sums up my thoughts exactly.


Nya-tan spends a whole day trying to cheer Takeru up, since he’s still sad about Uri-tan’s death.  The two go to the eto-shin’s maid café, where they find… Uri-tan alive and well.  Uri-tan explains that all eto-shin/musume reincarnate after a while, so none of them can permanently die.  After all that is done, Nya-tan claims that she wants to be a truly original character, the likes of which no one has ever seen before.  This angers Usa-tan, who is a self-proclaimed producer.

Nya-tan you really aren’t as endearing as you think you are.

That night, Usa-tan drops by the Takeru residence in order to instill some sort of personality into Ki-tan and Inu-tan, who Usa claims to be boring and flat characters.  After seeing this, Nya-tan also wants in on the action, but Usa charges some exorbitant fees for her character training regime.  Thus, Nya challenges Usa to a battle—if Nya wins, she’ll get Usa’s seal and the training for free.

This is a generally more dramatic shot than this series gets.

Even if they’re kinda dull personality-wise I still quite like these two…

This time, the challenge is to be determined by a game of rock, paper, scissors.  The others watching the match soon discover that Usa unabashedly cheats using her super speed.  So Nya has to resort to some cleverness in order to win the match, by exploiting Usa’s weak point.  So now Nya has yet another animal seal.  Usa also attempts to train Nya to be a better character, but the training is so daunting that Nya is overwhelmed.

Usa has an Alice in Wonderland theme, which isn’t that surprising given that her original form also has a slight AiW theme with the clock around her waist. Wasn’t expecting her to actually BE Alice in her Pretty Form though.

My Opinion:

Welp, Uri is back and alive again, and in hindsight I really should have seen that coming a mile away.  I did half expect Uri to be revived, as her “death scene” was overly melodramatic and this series is fairly light-hearted.  But I don’t think I was expecting her revival as soon as the very next episode after her death.  Quite a few people were very angry about this, and for good reason.  When it comes to story-writing, character death is a very delicate subject.  If you kill off a well-liked character just for the drama, and then revive them again shortly after without much trouble, that makes the audience feel cheated.  Because here they were getting so distraught after a character’s death, only for the writer(s) to just go “lol just kidding!” and put them back in the story.  It’s… a little mean-spirited, and also now invokes the trope that “death is cheap.”  Since all eto-shin/musume can’t truly ever be killed off, all future deaths will be rendered basically meaningless.  Fortunately I only ever watched this series for its dumb humor so I’m willing to be more forgiving about all this.

Anyway, rant about badly written contrivances aside, this episode was enjoyable enough.  There’s a ton of fourth-wall breaking here.  Even though I don’t really like the “point out your own series’ clichés”-type gags, I did think that it was sort of clever that it’s basically stated how flat Ki-tan and Inu-tan are as characters.  Nya-tan, on the other hand… well, she’s still pretty annoying.  It’s nice that she’s trying to become a truly unique character, but I have a feeling the writers/producers may be taking on more than they have the skill to handle with that.  What IS a truly unique character at this point?  Well, at best Nya-tan will learn to accept that she can’t be truly unique, and at worst she’ll continue changing personalities like a maniac.

Overall, an okay episode.  Mixed feelings about Uri-tan being revived aside, it was sorta fun, and immensely dumb, which is what I enjoy most about the series.  I think the episodes work better when there’s a smaller cast around, like in this and the last episode.  I do feel like Nya-tan’s “win” shouldn’t count because she essentially cheated; but Usa also cheated first so I guess it’s… fair?  Whatever.  Also, I couldn’t find a place to mention it before, but Uri and Takeru’s relationship is just adorable.

Anyway out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

This entire sequence was so dumb that I laughed.