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This time, there is an engine fragment orbiting the moon; so the girls all train in order to have the speed needed to reach the moon in one night.  During this time, there is some sort of concert being held at the observatory in order to send music to a distant planet with properties similar to earth, as a way of saying hello.  Unexpectedly, this event is being run by both of Hikaru’s parents; as her mother is the head of the observatory and her father is a pianist.  However, Hikaru seems strangely pessimistic about the whole thing.  It is also revealed that Hikaru never bothers to finish books or movies, as she claims that she already knows what the ending will be by the half-way point.

It’s hard to get a good shot of Minato’s garden. The place is HUGE.

One night, there is a strong wind blowing, giving the girls the extra lift needed for them to reach the moon.  Before they can get there, the red-haired horned boy once again intervenes, causing the girls’ magic circle to implode and send them all flying.  Hikaru has a weird dream, and wakes up to find herself flying next to Subaru.  The sounds of a piano can be heard, and Hikaru realizes that it is the sound of her father’s piano, all the way back on earth.  Hikaru then explains to Subaru that she essentially fears finishing things, because she’s afraid of the ending—and because she’s afraid of hearing her father’s pieces in its entirety.

Hikaru’s dream sequence was so lovely.

In the past when Hikaru had to stay home because she was sick, she found her father mulling over a piece that he couldn’t finish.  So Hikaru added in the note that her father was searching for.  However, that night, she suddenly grew fearful, wondering if she was interfering in things that she shouldn’t.  The last thing she wanted to do was interfere in her parents’ lives.  Subaru replies to Hikaru by saying that perhaps by not allowing herself to listen to her father’s song in its entirety, she’s denying him the chance to show his feelings towards her.  Unfortunately, the red-haired boy is on the move again, so the girls have to move quickly to capture the engine fragment.  They manage to do so, and Hikaru is forced to hear the end of her father’s song.  She starts crying, touched that he had kept the note that she put down.

And thus the girls manage to secure yet another fragment.

This is actually also from the dream sequence. I wasn’t able to get many shots from the ending parts of this episode because I got too emotional whoops

My Opinion:

This was such a wonderful episode, and I really loved it.  I loved how well they portrayed Hikaru’s complicated relationship with her parents.  Despite Hikaru’s generally sunny personality, she’s actually a pretty sad and lonely kid.  Her parents aren’t awful parents or anything, they’re just always busy.  Although it’s a little hard to understand the problem Hikaru has, it’s essentially that she has mixed emotions.  She wants badly to have more moments with her parents, but is at the same time afraid of interfering with their jobs, which they worked so hard to get.  While my situation isn’t the same as Hikaru’s, I can totally relate to her dilemma.  So yes, I nearly cried this episode…

More character development is always great, and what’s also great is the animation in this episode.  Hikaru’s dream sequence was just lovely.  I also really loved how well tone and atmosphere were used in this episode.  All the sequences of Hikaru’s home life were very dull and had a “cold” and distant feeling to it, highlighting the loneliness that Hikaru felt.  This contrasted very nicely with the rest of the episode, which was vibrant and colorful.  I also have to mention, that shot of Hikaru’s parents towards the end was quite touching.  In the end, Hikaru’s parents may always be busy, but it’s clear that they truly love their daughter and do their best to care for her.

Overall, this was a great episode.  The scene with Subaru and Minato did feel somewhat out of place, since it felt so unnecessary—the person with the problem this episode was Hikaru, not Subaru.  But other than that everything else was just so lovely.  Also, we finally get an ED theme!  It features the girls hanging out and it’s really cute and pleasant.

Anyway, out of five for this episode:

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From the ED theme. That looks to be Subaru’s room.

Hikaru really ended up being a more complex character than I initially thought.