Nine out of thirteen characters in one shot! That’s a pretty good record.


Takeru gets sick one day, causing him to expel unstable sol/lull like crazy.  This unstable sol/lull causes changes in everyone’s wardrobes and personalities… among other things.  Strangely, Mei-tan and Nya-tan are unaffected.

This has probably got to be the weirdest out of context screencap this series has provided so far.

Mei-tan eventually pinpoints the cause of this mess—Takeru has caught a “divine cold virus,” that’s quickly multiplying in his body.  Thus, Mei-tan is forced to enter Takeru’s body to fight off the cold lest Takeru never wake up again.  She’s able to destroy most of the virus, but it mutates into a larger form and manages to escape from Takeru’s body.  Fortunately, Nya-tan is there to save the day, and she smacks the virus into oblivion.  For her efforts, Mei-tan gives Nya-tan her animal seal.

what is going on

After all is said and done, everyone eventually figures out that Takeru’s cold was caused by Nya who… gave it to him.  Mei-tan is angered by this and demands that everyone get vaccinations.

Don’t mess with the nurse.

Snake-lady still needs more screentime ;-;

My Opinion:

Hilariously enough, I was also sick while watching this episode (I came down with a mild cold).  That aside, this episode was just… bizarre, even for Etotama standards.  It was basically just an “everyone is OOC” free-for-all.  I don’t usually like anime using this particular trope, because if feels cheap.  Yeah, a character is acting totally unlike their usual self!  That’s… funny?  It just gets old really fast.  Honestly, Nya-tan’s reaction to all of this was the funniest moment of the episode.  I admit, I laughed at the part where she was just slapping everyone around willy-nilly.  “You’re back up already?! *slap*”

There was a lot more fanservice than usual this episode, because of all the unstable sol/lull.  As eye-rolling as the sudden (censored) nudity was, the fourth-wall breaking here was kinda clever.  The girls eventually end up only covered by starry beams of light, and Nya-tan makes a comment about it being uncensored in the blu-ray releases.  I didn’t laugh at that, but damn the producers of this anime certainly know their audience well.

Mei-tan gets the spotlight this episode.  She seems to be a lot of people’s favorite character, though I personally don’t get it.  I don’t hate her, and she’s a pleasant character; she’s just not my favorite.  Anyway, I wish we could have learned more about her past other than a few lines she has about someone motivating her to be part of the zodiac 2000 years ago.  Hopefully that hints at something important plot-wise (Takeru possibly being a descendent of someone who witnessed the first EMT12 Festival???) and not just some throwaway line.

Also, oh man that twist at the end.  This series may not always have great writing, but it certainly knows how to lay down shocking twists.  Overall, this was still a fun if weird episode.  It made me smile so that’s all that really matters.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

I usually don’t include these end of episode illustrations by the VAs, but this is cute.