Suddenly PLOT!


A band of light suddenly appears in the night sky, and the girls are forced to meet in the clubroom once again.  President finally begins to explain things a bit more, as the girls go after a fragment that had suddenly appeared.  The band of light is President’s ship starting to materialize.  President mentions that his planet was doomed, so they had to spread out to find a new habitable place.  Since the universe is so vast, they can’t physically comb through all of space.  So instead they used their ability to see all the possibilities in the world, and choose the best possible outcome for themselves in exchange for a large amount of power.  However, President’s home world was supposedly brought to this state mainly because they decided not to choose an outcome…

Oh no!

The girls secure the fragment easily, and return to the clubroom; where President begins to rebuild the engine with the fragments they’ve already collected.  The other girls start to head home but Subaru stays behind to grab the notebook she left behind.  And it’s lucky that she did, because the fragment they had just found turns out to be a trap set by the horned boy, in order to find where the girls had been hiding their fragments.  The horned boy sets up a barrier around the school that the girls cannot breach; so Subaru is tasked with finding a way for them to get in.  Subaru accidentally bumps into the horned boy wandering the halls, and escapes into the observatory, where she meets Minato in the garden once again.

What a lovely shot.

When will my reflection shooooow–wait, wrong series.

Minato seems to realize what’s going on, but his health suddenly worsens.  He gives her a flower bud and quickly shows her a path.  Subaru follows the path to find a door, which is actually the doors of the observatory leading outside.  The girls are able to get into the school, and they all lead an attack on the horned boy, who escapes through a window.  Once outside, the girls find that the boy has transported the entire school into space, and forcibly attempts to steal the fragments.  Thus the girls must use their drive shafts to “start the engine” but they lack the power.  The flower in Subaru’s suddenly pocket blooms, and a miracle occurs.  All of the girls’ drive shafts are upgraded, and they manage to retrieve the fragments from the horned boy before President’s ship can materialize.  The school also returns to normal.  So all is good and well—for now.  However, Subaru soon finds out that Minato has completely disappeared, leaving behind only a couple of blooming star-shaped flowers.

An epic battle–IN SPACE!

My Opinion:

Okay, now what was with the finale-esque atmosphere of this episode?  If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought that the series would end here.  Seriously, the girls’ “battle” with the horned-boy was reminiscent of some sort of final showdown.  Fortunately, the series isn’t about to end just yet; but while President finally begins to talk more about his home world, he actually ends up raising more questions than he answers.

Once again, it’s reaffirmed that President’s species have the ability to pick and choose between many possibilities as long as the probability for that possibility is not zero.  Surprisingly, there was a zero percent chance that President’s home world could be saved.  Just what IS President exactly?  And why is he so worried about the ship materializing before the girls have found all the fragments and his comrades awaken?  President mentions that his comrades awakening would be the “worst possible outcome” which is extremely foreboding.  Does that imply that President the only friendly member of his species?  Would his species try to take over earth or something if they didn’t manage to rebuild the engine before the spaceship fully materialized?

There are a lot of questions raised in this episode about Minato and the horned boy too.  I really was expecting the horned boy to just be Minato in disguise, but it turns out they are two separate people.  Well, I still believe that the horned boy may be a fragment of Minato’s self because the look so much alike and even have the same earrings.  Perhaps they were originally one person, but they ended up getting split with Minato becoming the “good side” of his original self and the horned boy becoming the “bad side”?  Also, with this episode it appears that Minato and the horned boy probably won’t be appearing so soon again in the near future, as Minato seemingly disappeared whilst taking the horned boy with him.  Hopefully the mystery surrounding them gets resolved towards the end of the series.

Interestingly enough, this episode is very similar to the finale episode of the original series of shorts.  The girls have a “battle” with the horned boy in space, and Subaru finds that Minato has disappeared leaving just a bunch of flowers behind.  I’m glad that in the anime proper they’re not going to just leave the story open-ended like that.  There are also still five more fragments to be found, so there’s still enough material for the last six episodes.  But with the horned boy gone I wonder if there’s going to be a new enemy that appears?

Anyway, this was a pretty plot-packed episode.  Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to have the main antagonist be “defeated” so quickly; but at least it gave the series an excuse to give the girls their upgraded forms.  And hey, this was probably one of the more dramatic and exciting episodes in this for this series so far.

Out of five:

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Really was not expecting Minato to have his own eyecatch image. And dang did the kid really grow on me in the end.