Show By Rock!! Episode 7

shingancrimsonz 4ever

Rumours have been circulating that Youkai Street – a district of MidiCity where the youkai race live – is the hippest venue for famous bands to hold surprise concerts, and these rumours in turn draw more and more bands towards it. As a result of this, more Dark Monsters are appearing there and causing band members to disappear – one of which is Tsugihagi, a member of the youkai band Shinimonogurui. Another member – Mari-Mari – has gone to Plasmagica to seek help, believing that Cyan might be able to do something after witnessing her concert. The girls all head to the curious Youkai Street to investigate. Meanwhile, ShinganCrimsonz have also headed to Youkai Street for a concert of their own. although they have significantly less fun than Plasmagica and are creeped out more and more by the youkai inhabitants. To top it all off, during their concert a Dark Monster attacks them. However, their training camp may have come in handy after all because they manage to defeat the monster together…which is revealed to be Tsugihagi!

Youkai Street is really, really cool-looking.
The boys made so many ridiculous screaming faces in this episode it was hard to just choose one.
Mari-Mari is super cute!

MidiCity definitely looks amazing and all, but I still really like it when we get a change of scenery. Last episode was the beautiful beach and starscape, this time is the delightfully creepy Youkai Street. I really wish I’d included more screencaps of it because it’s an absolute visual treat – full of glowing spooky orbs and giant blinking eyeballs, all with a rustic olde-Japan charm. (I have no idea if Youkai Street in this dimension has anything to do with the Japan that Tsurezurenaru are apparently from, though.) The whole ‘rumour’ thing turns out to be a ruse invented by the Big Bads solely to draw more popular musicians to the area, which honestly seemed like a pretty dumb plan to me. Do youkai work better as Dark Monsters or something…? But anyway, the reveal here is that the Dark Monsters are, or at least can be, created from regular myumons – presumably when their melodisian stones are corrupted – which is something that was hinted at in the first episode anyway. The episode ends with Aion being infected, unbeknownst to the others, so it’ll be interesting to see where they go with that. Even though the episode was supposed to be about Plasmagica helping Mari-Mari, it seemed that they…really didn’t do anything at all, and ShinganCrimsonz stole the stage. Still, I was glad to see that even though they spent most of their screentime being the established comic relief characters that they are, they still managed to hold their own against the Dark Monster without Cyan’s help, in an almost ridiculously flashy battle.  Speaking of which…has Cyan actually defeated a Dark Monster since the first episode?? It seems a little strange that she hasn’t done anything since saving Trichronika. And speaking of Trichronika, it’s been ages since we’ve seen them, too. I imagine both these things will be coming up soon, especially with the Aion problem. I found the episode to be a really fun one – most of it was ShinganCrimsonz being idiots, of course, and maybe a little over the top. I’m also glad that Shinimonogurui were featured at all because people had apparently been saying that there weren’t going to be any more bands from the game featured in the anime after the ones that had already been shown (likely due to the fact that there were none others on the anime website). They don’t have a major part or anything, but I hope that since Shinimonogurui did appear some of the other bands I’m interested in from the game can get at least a cameo too. (I doubt Shinimonogurui are going to do anything else though, which is a shame because Tsugihagi is adorable even though his myumon form seems to be some kind of creepy stuffed cloth doll.)

More Youkai Street.
I dont think I’ve managed to squeeze in a pic of ShinganCrimsonz myumon forms so here they are.
Tsugihagi is….c-cute…

Out of 5, melonmelonmelonmelon

3 thoughts on “Show By Rock!! Episode 7

  1. thebeatlespkmnfan42 May 20, 2015 / 3:08 pm

    The only downside of this episode in my opinion is that they didn’t get Marie Ueda (the singer who Shinimonoguirui is based on) to voice Marimari. She probably didn’t have enough time or they couldn’t get her for contract reasons, but I don’t really see the point in a band based on real musicians from the game appearing if you can’t get the real musicians themselves to voice their own characters.

    Apart from that very minor thing though, this episode was great. And it gives me hope they we’ll be seeing Chammy Chaplets, Rapezziauto, and Labomuch, my three favorite tie-up bands in the game, even though they more than likely wouldn’t be voiced by the real musicians either (especially Labomuch, as clammbon isn’t even an indie band). Perhaps they’d be able to get Rapezziauto to be voiced by MiLO, 31STYLE, and yksb though, because I don’t think any of them are tied to any sort of label whatsoever.

    • moeronpan May 21, 2015 / 4:46 am

      As far as I know most of (if not all) the voice actors are differnet between the game and anime, though. But maybe not being able to get Marie Ueda is part of why Shinimonoguruigot a cameo without actually performing.
      Rapezziauto is the one I’m mostly hoping for.

      • thebeatlespkmnfan42 May 21, 2015 / 5:50 pm

        Shizuku Secretmind didn’t perform either, and there’s already one song with Wendy’s new voice in the game, Unicorn in the Blue. And we know another song exists called Voyage that isn’t in the game yet (due to a glitch that happened months ago). But they’re an original Show By Rock band, not based on any real band or musician.

        Shinimonogurui however is a band whose music is taken directly from Marie Ueda’s discography, so in order for them to perform, I’m sure it would have cost a lot of money to get the rights to use Marie’s music in the anime, even if they had managed to get her to voice act.

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