Warning for massive in-coming teen angst.


Subaru plants the flowers that Minato left behind, and her other teammates wonder why she’s so bummed out.  Since Aoi is closest to Subaru, Aoi asks her what’s wrong.  Subaru finally opens up about the mysterious garden and Minato.  However, this has the unintended effect of upsetting Aoi, who feels hurt that Subaru never told her about this before.

Aww, poor flowers.

As Subaru goes back to check on the flowers that she planted, she spies a boy who has an uncanny resemblance to Minato—but this boy doesn’t seem to remember anything about the time they spent together.  Subaru doesn’t have the time to investigate as she is immediately called away to the clubroom.  This time, the fragment the girls are after is lodged in a comet.  Following the comet, the girls are brought in close proximity to the sun, and… surprise, surprise!  Horned-boy is back in action again.

Trying to get more group shots.

Aoi and Subaru get knocked away from the others, and spend a bit of time having a talk.  It turns out that due to the two girls not being able to express their true feelings, a deep rift developed between them in the past.  Having reconciled their feelings and their friendship, Subaru and Aoi go after the fragment, with the others distracting the horned boy.  The two girls manage to secure the fragment easily.

What a cute keychain!

Oh just kiss already you two.

The next day, Subaru encounters the boy who looks like Minato tending to the garden.  She confronts him, saying that even if he’s changed, he’ll still be the same Minato to her.  Minato finally drops his act and becomes friends with Subaru again.

I’m pretty sure this is symbolic.

My Opinion:

This was an okay episode.  We finally find out what happened to break Subaru and Aoi apart!  …And it turns out to be rather petty.  Subaru was upset that Aoi went to a different school and she wondered if she was just holding Aoi back.  And Aoi was worried because she wondered if all the support she gave to Subaru was just to feed her own ego.  But both girls decided not to confess their true feelings and so drifted apart.  I admit, I almost shouted, “that’s ALL?!” at the screen when it was revealed.  I mean, I guess this is a good moral about how you need to be honest about your feelings with friends, but at the same time I do think that all the drama between Subaru and Aoi is one of the weaker story-elements of this series.  But at least that seems to be resolved now so anyway.

I’m surprised to see Minato and the horned boy back again so soon.  What was with all the dramatics last episode then, Minato???  And also, I thought Minato took care of you horned boy!  I hope their sudden reappearance gets explained because wow does that make the flow of this series seem disjointed now.  I guess they needed an antagonist to keep this series interesting but horned boy is now such a minimal threat that it’s almost sad.

Dramatics aside this episode did have a bit of action.  And I guess it’s nice to see a bit of Subaru’s and Aoi’s past.  I dunno, I just wasn’t feeling this episode too much, as it seems to almost be episode 2 redux.  The parallels between this episode and episode 2 was a nice touch though.  I’m more interested in the next episode, as Nanako finally gets the spotlight.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

So that means there probably won’t be anymore teen angst between these two, right? RIGHT?