Etotama Episode 7

Yay, Shar-tan finally gets the spotlight! Wait, this is a recap episode? NOOOOOOOOOOOooooo


Nya-tan accidentally gets poisoned (long story) and gets turned to stone, so Takeru and Shar-tan take a journey on a magical floating train through the world of the gods in order to find the antidote.  Along the way, they pass through such sites as a shrine dedicated to character profiles, and a giant mirror that holds all rules of the ETM12.  They also end up passing through a shrine dedicated to episode recaps.

The world of the gods looks like an interesting place.
Notice how the train has a snake pattern on it.

Their final stop is Nya-tan’s shrine, which is in massive disrepair.  Shar-tan says that her shrine is like this because her soul has not fully reformed.  Takeru stumbles upon some of Nya-tan’s lost memories, but Shar-tan whisks him back to the train before he can get them.

So each of the 12 Eto-shin keep watch over a specific section of Japan; got it.
Takeru is not amused by the fact that he got suckered into a recap episode.

After the trip is finished, Shar-tan reveals that it was all just a way to kill time while her special curry cooked; with the curry being the antidote.  Before curing Nya-tan of her affliction, Shar-tan gives Takeru her animal seal, believing that Takeru may be the key to finally breaking the hateful bond that binds Nya-tan and Chu-tan.

My Opinion:

So this was basically “the recap episode.”  Why a 12 episode anime needs a recap episode, I have no idea, but at least Shar-tan featured heavily here.  Having Shar-tan and Takeru talk and interact (without all the annoying antics from Nya-tan) was actually rather nice.  But that doesn’t excuse just how boring this episode was.  Shar-tan’s antics were cute, and this episode does actually give us a bit more info about the characters and the ETM12; but nearly half the episode was dedicated to showing off scenes we’ve already seen before.  There wasn’t even any added commentary on those recaps, they were basically just, “okay here are some choice clips of the past 6 episodes.”  It just felt really lazy.

That said, there IS some slightly new information thrown in at the end.  We are given a very brief glimpse of what happened in the past between Nya-tan and Chu-tan, which probably led to Chu-tan swearing revenge on Nya.  Since it’s presented completely out of context and soundless, however; I think it’ll be a while yet before the series finally gives us the full story.

Overall, while this was a sort of interesting take on the recap episode (I’m sure the whole thing was one big reference to “Night on the Galactic Railroad”), it still feels too much like a recap episode and was quite boring to watch as a result.  Shar-tan is adorable, and I really wish we do see more of her.  Sadly, her presence alone doesn’t do much to make this episode enjoyable to watch.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Her smile can thaw an icy heart, though.

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