Whoah, two reviews in one day?!

Nya-tan is me.


There is a manager’s cup that’s about to begin soon, overseen by Uma-tan.  (So basically a car race.)  Uma-tan is worried as ratings keep dropping as the years go by, and if it gets lower than 1% the event will be cancelled.  Sadly none of the eto-shin are really all that motivated to compete in it because there’s no reward for winning.  Cue the Manager, who says that this time the winner will have their wish be granted.  So now everyone is fired up.

Uma-tan is also me.

Nya-tan also participates in this race, because Chu-tan doesn’t show.  Within the first few moments nearly everyone gets wiped out, and the ratings keep plummeting.  Manager also suddenly reveals to Nya-tan that she can’t get her wish granted because she’s not an eto-shin yet; and she almost decides to quit.  However, Uma-tan manages to convince her to stay by turning the race into a battle, with her animal seal on the line.

I caught everyone mid-motion and everyone’s expressions are so great.

That sure is rainbow road.

Nya-tan is motivated to race once again, and the viewership ratings slowly climb up.  Suddenly, a freak accident occurs with a runaway car, causing the track to be destroyed right under Nya’s and Uma-tan’s feet.  However, Nya-tan manages to make her way to victory by using a little ingenuity.  Thus, Nya-tan gets another seal, and Uma-tan manages to save the cup by bringing viewership ratings to an all-time high.  Uma-tan also learns not to be so serious all the time, and everyone rejoices.

Out of all the eto-shin, I think Uma-tan is the one who deserves some happiness the most.

My Opinion:

This was probably one of the best episodes of Etotama we’ve had so far.  And yes, it was basically one big Mario Kart reference.

This episode, the entire cast is involved (minus Chu-tan), and they all managed to get a decent amount of screen time.  This episode basically shows that an episode with a full cast can work well and be rather funny.  I just loved the “imagine spot sequence” all the girls had when they realized they could have their wish granted.  It started out rather heartwarming then just progressed into utterly bizarre territory.  What the hell was even Usa’s wish, man…

The entire Mario Kart sequence was also quite fun to watch because of how ridiculously everyone wiped out.  It… just needs to be seen to be believed.  Some may say that some of the wipeouts were a giant cop-out, but at least it was done hilariously.  Admittedly, I do like these types of competitions over the regular battles for Nya-tan to win a seal.  It’s just much more entertaining.

My zodiac-spirit animal also gets featured this episode (I was born in the year of the horse).  I’m always glad to see Uma-tan get more spotlight since I can relate to her so well.  And also that girl just needs a break and some acknowledgement from the others.  Seeing her happy tears at the end was just heartwarming.

Overall, this was a really fun watch and I enjoyed it immensely.  It’s going to be hard to top this episode, but the next episode seems to focus on Piyo-tan, who is also one of my favorites.  Looks like we’re getting close to the end, folks!

Out of five for this episode:

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This eyecatch was just adorable.