I will always be envious of anime characters’ rooms.


It’s almost time for the Culture Festival, and the girls all decide to do some sort of cosplay event.  However, that would mean opening their clubroom to the public, which is dangerous as the fragments are still in plain sight.  Thus, Subaru, who’s the sole member of the astronomy club, decides to hide the fragments in the observatory, which she plans to make into a planetarium for the event.


While Subaru works on making a paper star lamp with Minato, the other girls decide to enter her and Minato into the best couple contest.  As Subaru and Minato do a test run of the star lamp, Minato suddenly takes Subaru into space.  The two of them visit numerous locations, but Minato says that because of the way his magic works, they’ll both have to forget everything that they saw in space.

Wow, Minato actually reveals a lot of himself in this episode.

Subaru is suddenly reminded of a boy she met in the hospital many years ago, when her mother was hospitalized.  She would always visit the boy when she visited her mother, but eventually he went away.  Minato reveals that he was the boy Subaru met all those years ago, and the two share a kiss.

I actually caught this screencap mid-way as it was changing into space scenery but I think the result ended up being pretty neat.

Subaru and Minato return back to the school’s observatory room, and Subaru finds herself crying though she doesn’t know why.  As the two start leaving for home, Subaru remembers that she forgot to take the observatory key with her.  Minato volunteers to get it and ends up discovering the engine fragments, causing some kind of strange reaction…

Subaru, nooooo

My Opinion:

This was a pretty cute and relaxed episode, mainly focusing on Subaru and Minato’s relationship.  I’m sure there are some people out there who are pissed that the series is pushing Subaru and Minato so hard suddenly, especially with all the Subaru and Aoi ship-teasing two episodes back.  Sadly, it was fairly obvious from the start that Subaru and Minato were going to be THE couple of the series, as that was what was implied in the original shorts.  Personally, I’m pretty lukewarm on the two of them as a couple.

Anyway, Subaru’s flashback in this episode reveals a few things.  Her mother used to be sick, which is kind of random and sudden.  But what’s even more random and sudden is that Subaru and Minato actually knew each other as kids, but Subaru just plain forgot about Minato.  Now that is probably one of the biggest asspulls that this series has done so far, and a massive anime cliché to boot.  If Subaru and Minato having had a previous relationship was ever implied up to this point, then I may have missed it; but it seriously felt like there was no lead-up to that reveal.  But that does explain a few things, while opening massive questions to others.  So Minato was sort of a sick kid, which explains his current somewhat frail state.  Fair enough.  But since it’s shown that Minato actually WAS a kid with a life before meeting Subaru… how the hell did he end up getting stuck in the school’s observatory in magical greenhouse land???  I’m pretty sure the weird event seven years ago had something to do with it, but if this isn’t all explained in the last few remaining episodes I will be angry.

Not much else to say about this episode other than that.  All the space scenery was very pretty, but there was an awful lot of QUALITY ANIMATION on the characters themselves.  Seems like things are going to be pretty action packed for the last three episodes of this series, if the end of this episode is anything to go by.  Will we finally learn who or what Minato actually is?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2