Etotama Episode 10

Oh Mo-tan. Never change.


The episode begins with Nya-tan winning a seal from Uri-tan in battle.  Afterwards, Mo-tan visits Nya and Takeru, and is shown to still be perving after Nya.  Of course, Nya angrily rebuff’s the cow-girl’s advances, but Mo-tan mentions that Nya proposed to her many years ago.  Obviously, Nya doesn’t remember such a thing.

Elsewhere, the other eto-shin are worried because a new law submitted by Chu has finally been put into effect.  Now, no third parties can intervene in a battle.  Dora-tan attempts to restore Nya-tan’s memories, believing it to be the key to defeating Chu-tan.  Although she makes a valiant effort, Nya-tan still had amnesia.

I still love the relationship between these three.

It soon starts to rain, just as Mo-tan makes it back home.  The rain causes Mo-tan to remember how she first fell in love with Nya.  It was also raining that day, and Nya had just come back from a long journey to find Mo-tan crying in front of some graves.  Mo-tan had lived with a human family, but because of their lifespan differences the family members had all died.  Seeing this, Nya-tan promises to be Mo-tan’s family, so that she’ll never be alone.

This scene makes more sense in context–and it’s actually pretty adorable.

Back in the present, Mo-tan sees Chu-tan on her way to Nya.  Mo-tan attempts to stop Chu, and a battle is initiated.  Mo-tan attempts to snap Chu out of the darkness consuming her, but Chu-tan’s hatred is too strong.  Chu-tan then attempts a secret deadly technique that can destroy an eto-shin’s etotama, and thus their life.  She had tried it on Nya 60 years ago, but was unsuccessful, explaining why Nya has amnesia now.  Unfortunately, Mo-tan is not so lucky, and her etotama gets destroyed by Chu.  Before Mo-tan dies permanently, she manages to do something to Chu which injures her gravely.

Chu-tan… is this really what you want?
Pretty much my reaction to this ending too.

My Opinion:

First Pleiades and now this show… both of these series are really ramping up the drama in their third-to-last episodes.  You know how Uri “died” in episode 3 and it was later treated as some sort of joke?  Well, I have a feeling Mo-tan won’t be able to be revived after this episode after what Chu-tan did to her.  I was wondering how the writers were going to instill some sense of urgency after making death so cheap, but the addition of a perma-death technique finally shows up here.  And of course the big bad Chu-tan would have it.

That also nicely wraps up the plot thread of how Nya-got amnesia, since it would have to be something fairly serious for her to get that.  And hey!  We also get a glimpse of Nya-tan’s past personality in this episode.  It seems like Nya-tan was a very kind and cheerful type of person.  Pairing this up with the brief glimpse of Nya-tan’s memories in episode seven, it seems like Nya also helped to cheer up Chu-tan in the past.  But then that brings up the question of just why Chu-tan is suddenly so bent on revenge and killing Nya.  From what Mo-tan said, it can be assumed that Chu-tan didn’t always hate Nya-tan, and that they were probably friends.  Judging from what we’ve seen of past-Nya, I don’t think she could have ever done something that deplorable that would make Chu hate her.  So I’m betting on there being some sort of misunderstanding.

Speculation aside, there was some nice character building here.  Surprisingly, Mo-tan isn’t just “the pervert” of the cast, and actually has her reasons for being so obsessed with Nya-tan, even if it isn’t necessarily a healthy or normal reaction.  And Chu-tan managed to be far more sinister and terrifying than her first “official” appearance in episode 3.  Their fight was brutal, but it conveyed the desperation of both parties very well.

Some things that I have to criticize—first of all, was all those boob physics on Chu-tan really necessary?  It was most prominent in the last few minutes of the episode, where Chu was using her secret technique on Mo.  Way to completely ruin the atmosphere of a serious scene there.  Plus, they’re CHIBIS.  Do they really need boob physics in the first place???  Second thing I have to criticize is that Nya’s fight with Uri was rather anticlimactic.  Uri says that Nya has gotten strong enough to defeat her, but with so many gags about Uri-tan dying all the time that quote just seemed out of place.  Would Uri-tan really have been that much trouble to beat?

Anyway, I thought this was a good episode.  While this episode had a few gags here and there, the overall tone was mostly serious.  I think this series is doing a good job of steering the series towards its ending.  You obviously expect any series to get more serious towards the end, and I think that this episode really marks the transition point for Etotama as it finally gets down to the plot.  Judging from the next episode previews, Nya-tan and Chu-tan finally have their destined battle… probably?

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

I have a feeling Mo-tan will still end up getting revived by the end of this series.

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