Wish Upon the Pleiades Episode 11

Second to last episode so there are obviously MASSIVE SPOILERS.



Subaru is able to make it back to earth safely, but it appears that she has lost her magic.  President is afraid that Subaru won’t be able to get it back, as only “nothings” can utilize magic.  Since Subaru has lost her magic it must mean that she’s on the path to “becoming something.”  Hikaru yells at President for being so ominous, and the girls all attempt to cheer Subaru up by going on with the culture festival.

The culture festival scenes helped to cushion all the angst that happened afterwards.

However, as the culture festival draws to a close, President locates the final fragment.  Aoi gives a farewell to Subaru before she leaves with the others to capture it.  Subaru mopes around the school a bit, but upon finding out that Minato’s flowers are still surviving, she regains some hope and runs back to the school’s observatory.  Meanwhile, the girls attempt to chase down the final fragment by teleporting, but it’s flying farther and faster than they can reach.  President comes to the conclusion that the reason they can’t capture the fragment is because the universe doesn’t want it to be caught.  By gathering fragments, the girls are able to have their wishes granted through their power, and it seems that secretly all the girls don’t want their magical journey to end.  However, they all agree that they want to capture this fragment, even if it means losing their powers.

Geeze Aoi, why are you so tsundere?
The farthest from earth the girls have ever been…

Back on earth, Subaru has a memory of how she first met Minato.  They apparently traded stars—Subaru gave Minato a paper one while he gave her a real star.  Due to some kind of magic, Subaru is able to travel to where the real Minato is residing.  Minato is still in a coma in the hospital, but she notices that he is still holding onto the paper star.  Upon touching his hand, a burst of light erupts, sending both Subaru and Minato into space.  Both are miraculously able to transform, with Minato wearing a white outfit similar to the other girls, and Subaru wearing a black outfit reminiscent of Minato’s evil side.  As Minato flies off, Subaru is reunited with her four friends, and President remarks that Subaru’s magic is a new kind of magic.

With all the girls reunited, the girls have their sights set on the final fragment.

Dark magical girl Subaru! While I was expecting a final outfit for Subaru, I was not expecting… this.

My Opinion:

I thought that this was a good episode, and nice lead-in to the final episode airing next week.  A lot of plot-bombs were dropped here.  Subaru loses her powers, oh no!  And the final fragment is found!  Unfortunately, it’s not going to be so easy to catch, because it seems like all the girls (not just Subaru) wish deep down that their adventure would never end.  We also get a glimpse of Subaru in a new outfit!  I was almost afraid that Subaru’s desires was turning her dark like how it did with Minato, but nope, it’s just a new kind of magic.  Now, for an outfit that ominous looking that seems like a really half-assed handwave, but whatever.  It’s a pretty neat outfit at least. (And is it just me, or does the outfit give off severe Snow White vibes?)

Also, with all the other alternate timeline Minato’s gone, it appears their experiences have gone back to the real Minato, who is still in a coma as I had predicted.  I feel like him suddenly gaining magic was a pretty heavy handwave too, so I hope Mr. President does explain all of this in the final episode.  While I would be okay with the development, the whole “every miracle happens because Subaru’s hope is just THAT strong” is a pretty asspull explanation.

Overall, not much for me to complain about this time.  I’m super excited for the next (and last episode).  I’m sure that the final fragment won’t be so easy to capture, even with Subaru back on the team.  But with how this series has been progressing, I’m sure that we’ll get a happy ending for everyone involved.  And I’m looking forward to how the series handles that.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

It feels so weird to have a group picture without Subaru…

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