The episode where things get serious (finally).


The episode begins with a flashback of the very first EMT12 festival, which was a footrace.  Nya-tan opted to not participate of her own accord, and so Chu-tan makes up a lie that she tricked Nya-tan into not showing up.  The others immediately see through this lie, but don’t question it.

Back in the present, Mo-tan’s remaining etotama manages to make its way to Nya-tan, in order to deliver a final message.  Mo-tan was able to seal off some of Chu-tan’s dark energy with her last remaining strength, although it will run out soon.  Mo-tan also gives Nya-tan a gift, in that she’s able to restore Nya’s etotama (which also puts her to sleep).  With that done, Mo-tan’s spirit disappears from the world.


Back in the world of the gods, Mei and Shar attempt to cure Chu-tan of the darkness engulfing her.  However, they aren’t strong enough, and quickly go to recruit the other eto-shin to help them.  Mei-tan suggests that they give all of their sol/lull to Chu, in the hopes that the energy overload could “reset” Chu back to her former state.  However, the hatred and anger within Chu-tan’s heart is too great and ends up draining all the eto-shin of their powers, turning Chu-tan into an even more formidable opponent.

Flashback: hey did u kno snake lady was Chu-tan’s sensei. Me: wait what the eff

As to be expected, this does not end well.

Back at Takeru’s house, Nya-tan finally wakes up.  Takeru fears that she may have forgotten him after regaining her memories, but fortunately she’s still the same person she used to be.  Nya-tan quickly takes Takeru with her to the world of the gods, where they find all the eto-shin passed out, except for Dora-tan.  With Nya-tan’s memories and powers restored, Nya-tan is able to give everyone some of her sol/lull in order to revive them.  Seeing that she’s powerful once again, Dora-tan gives Nya her seal.  Now the only seal left is the Chu-tan’s, who is awaiting a battle with Nya.

Maybe you should have gotten a different outfit that didn’t scream “EVIL VILLAIN.” Perhaps then you wouldn’t have been consumed by darkness.

My Opinion:

While Etotama definitely proved that it could be a decent series with more serious subject matters in the past, I just was not feeling this episode.  I think there were far too many asspulls pulled in an attempt to wrap up the plot by next episode.  So as a result, there were tons of clichés.  Mo-tan basically gained duex ex machina powers here.

So Mo-tan sealed Chu-tan’s dark powers?  I can live with that, as it was Mo-tan’s final stand.  Mo-tan was also able to manifest a “ghost” of herself in order to bid farewell to Nya?  Okay, I can buy that too, since it was used for dramatic storytelling.  Mo-tan can also just magically restore Nya-tan’s memories somehow?  Uh, okay, now that’s starting to get a bit far-fetched.  It feels like the writers suddenly looked at how many episodes they had left and went, “oh crap, we only have two more episodes left!” and started trying to wrap up as many plot threads as they could.  It’s horribly obvious and also incredibly messy.  So etotama or sol/lull can just magically do ANYTHING now?  The reason I’m nailing Etotama so hard for this is because all the characters’ powers still operated on some set of rules in the past.  But now it seems to be the writers’ “magical tool of handwaving” and that’s not so great.  If the eto-shin had the capacity to do that in the past, why didn’t any of them think to use it to restore Nya’s memories in the first place?  Let me guess, they’re just going to half-ass it with the “because Mo-tan’s love is just that strong” explanation?  Sure, anime.  Sure.

Other than that giant mess of a plot, I’m also a bit disappointed that Nya-tan… remains exactly the same after regaining her memories.  Granted, that’s how amnesia actually works in real life—a person forgets the memories they’ve made, but their personality still remains pretty much intact.  It’s just a bit disappointing in this case because past-Nya seemed to be a much more pleasant (read: less annoying) person.  Apparently she was pretty beloved by most of them in the past, but from all the episodes that have aired, it seems like most of them are annoyed by her?  Well, to be fair, I suppose Nya-tan does become a bit more subdued after regaining her memories.  I’m just bummed because it seems so anticlimactic after all the lead-up to it.

Going back to Chu-tan’s circumstances, just how the hell did her soul/heart/whatever become so corrupt?  Apparently Shar-tan was Chu’s teacher(?!) in the past and she already noticed some dark seeds growing before Chu-tan became completely evil.  Judging by the very brief flashback that Chu-tan had, her evil transformation may have had something to do with what Nya-tan said to her in their fight many years previous.  I’m still holding onto my prediction that it’s all some big misunderstanding, in which case, damn Chu-tan; you sure over-reacted over that.

Also, the “we’ll give them ALL our power to overload them and bring them back to normal!” is such an over-used anime trope, and it rarely ever works out well.  For all its clever fourth wall breaking in the past, Etotama sure fell into a load of clichés in this episode.  Did none of the other eto-shin question that it could have been a massively bad idea?  Or at least have some kind of alternate plan in case things went wrong?  Luckily Nya-tan is there to save the day I guess.

Overall, yeah, this episode was kind of a mess.  I’m sad because I usually enjoy Etotama’s episodes but this one was just… really bland and uninspired.  At least we’re getting some more backstory for Chu, but at this point there’s kind of no redeeming her.  Yeah, I’m sure that what Nya-tan said to her in the past could be interpreted as cruel, but Chu-tan already did so much damage (and KILLED one of her acquaintances) that the inevitable forgiveness of all her actions just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

As much as this episode disappointed me, I’m still looking forward to seeing how things get resolved in the final episode.

Probably the coolest next episode preview thingie we’ve seen for Etotama.